The Better Way to Invest

A Quick Guide to Investment Housekeeping

How often do you review and assess your investment strategy? For many investors, the urge to act typically arises when there is heightened “noise” around the investment markets, with plenty of people offering predictions about the…


Is BHP a buy yet?

The 32 year logarithmic chart below shows the channel in which BHP’s share price has moved over this period. The black median trend line shows the controlling gradient. The two outer bold red trend lines are…


Gary Stone appears LIVE on Switzer

How worried should we be about the current market madness?

Tuesday evening 2nd February 2016, Gary Stone took Switzer TV viewers through the current Market conditions discussing the current Secular Bull Market, and Primary Bear Market.


Sector analysis and how to choose the best performing stocks

With so many stock options available to purchase, how do you know which stocks to choose for your portfolio? One way to build your understanding of share market performance and select the best performing stocks is…


Why does Chinese volatility affect the Australian share market?

China’s stock market took a turn for the worse recently, and while the share market has now stabilized, investors have been burnt waiting for the dust to settle. In 2015, China experienced their weakest GDP growth…