How Share Wealth Systems helps our Members

“Our core purpose is to skill everyday investors to outperform the stock market by 5% compounded p.a. over rolling 5-year periods, using a Systematic Approach to protect and grow their portfolios, in an hour a week.”

For example, if the S&P500 Total Return index grows by 10% annualized over a rolling 5 year period, our goal is to achieve 15% annualized. Over the long term, depending on the growth rate of the stock market, this has meant between 50% more to triple the profit compared to traditional investment avenues, such as financial planners, managed/mutual funds, Target-Date funds, robo-advisors, brokers and portfolio managers.

This brief video gives you an good idea of what we do for our Members and how we help them:
Evidence of past performance
Please peruse our website and download the offered PDFs to start a conversation with us to understand how our real-money, model portfolio has achieved over 20% annualised returns for U.S. market, since 1 January, 2016. With less than an hour a week of effort.

Over the same period the S&P500 Total Return index has grown by ~16%.

In the conversation with us you can see what research we do and have done for over 20 years and how our Members gain their confidence and skills to achieve similar returns with their self-managed stock market portfolios.
Introductory Share Wealth Systems video clips
Watch this 1 min Share Wealth Systems introduction video that was used as a TV advert in October 2020:
Watch this 1 min Share Wealth Systems introduction video that was used as a TV advert in June 2020:

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