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How Big-Name Funds Are Stealing Your Future… With Your Permission

You’re doing everything to make sure your retirement will be a comfortable one:

  • You make regular contributions
  • You trust your savings with a big fund
  • You read the statements and change your allocations regularly

But even with your best efforts, there’s one thing silently stealing your comfortable future away… with your say-so.

It’s leaving you horribly unprepared for later life, where a family crisis or market crash could snatch everything you own.

It’s condemning you to later years of penny-pinching poverty.

It might even be taking retirement off the table for you entirely.

So, what is it?

The fact you’re giving so-called experts in big Super, mutual or managed funds control of your money and future.

Because, despite their mainstream acceptance, million-dollar ad campaigns and photos of smiling investors, these funds won’t deliver on sweet-sounding promises to help you retire to the easy life.

There are three things they do that directly hurt your nest egg…

  • Life-leeching fees: While 2% seems tiny, it can total a quarter (or more) of your yearly returns. Whatever amount you are dealing with, those seemingly “small” fees chip away at your balance year after year and slow your savings growth to a crawl.
  • Diversification: Being invested in many asset classes reduces the risk to your nest egg should one market turn south… so the theory goes. This can work for a three to five-year outlook, but costs diversified investors huge sums over the longer-term of 20+ years.
  • Too Big, Too Slow: Most large funds manage billions of dollars. They can’t get into or out of positions without causing major ripples in the market. So, they’ll often sit tight in a bad situation to avoid making it worse… even as your hard-saved dollars wither away.

Over the decades of a working life, these cost people like you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and put your retirement in serious jeopardy.

But on top of the damage the funds do, there’s another reason so many arrive at retirement under-funded and facing an uncertain future: ignorance. They simply don’t know (or ever bother to work out) how much they’ll need when they finish work.

How much are they taking from your 401(k)?

According to studies, someone earning the median income of around $30,000 will lose $138,336 over their working life in fees… if they pay the minimum 1% fee found in larger 401(k) funds. Smaller funds often charge higher fees, raking even more away from their members.

Center of American Progress


The “Crystal Ball” Rule That Anticipates How You’ll Spend Retirement


You might have heard of the Rule of Returns.

It’s the surest way of knowing if you’re heading for the truly golden years of life, or years filled with too much stress and too little money.


Given a nest egg target of $2.57 million*, if you’re…

  • saving 9.5% of your monthly income,
  • starting from $50,000 and increasing 2.5% each year for inflation,
  • while working over 40 years*


  • if you earn a 7.5% return per annum, your retirement will have a savings “gap” of $1,045,500 (i.e. have a retirement fund of $1,533,000)
  • if you earn a 9.7% return per annum, you’ll reach the target of $2.57 million (i.e. have a retirement fund of $2,580,500)

* $2.57 million is needed in 40 years’ time to have the necessary income of $60,000 a year (in 2019 dollars = $161,400 a year in 40 years’ time), inflated at 2.5% per year, to last a 20-year self-funded and independent retirement of reasonable comfort.

As the Rule shows, the difference in choosing how to spend your time once retired versus having to grind late into life can be seen decades in advance with simply one value.

The rate of return your nest egg is getting.

This isn’t a common or popular message.

The sad reality is that most people won’t ever hear about the Rule of Returns.

Many who do will never act on it…. and some will even go so far as to call us “scaremongers” for calling it out.

Like most of us in one way or another, they’re slaves to “The Law of Human Inertia”: once you start along a certain life trajectory, you’ll stay on that path unless affected by a greater force.

It’s why they never bother to even review their 401(k) or IRA, or are happy to hand their future to a professional who’s #1 goal is collecting fat fees.

It’s why they end up as a statistic: part of the 83% who arrive at retirement without the money to see them comfortably through.

Those who do hear the distant alarm bell are still not sure what do. Their top question: how do you make the Rule of Returns work for you?

The Best Way To Fund A Retirement Worth Living

If you’re looking to jump the Retirement Gap with a nest egg that will give you everything you want through your golden years, there are essentially four options.

Save More

Saving more is perhaps the easiest way to plug the gap, provided you’re disciplined to cut your cloth. Saving 16.1% of your income every month and every year until you retire will make up for the shortfall in your nest egg returns.

Work Longer

Don’t mind rolling up your sleeves for a while longer? If you’re prepared to work an extra 7.5 years for 47.5 years (while still getting a 2.5% increase every year), you’d earn enough to fill the gap in your nest egg.

Bigger Pay Rises

If you’re a master at negotiating a pay raise, you could rely on a 7.1% rise (instead of the 2.5% the Rule uses) in your income every year for the next four decades to handle the lower returns your nest egg is getting.


Those who want real control of their finances without having to live like a pauper or work like a dog can use their money wisely to get larger returns by firstly understanding The Rule Of Returns.

Some people cut their budget to the bone, living threadbare over decades so they can retire with dignity. Others work well into their 70s, enviously watching friends finish and start enjoying their life.

Only a far-sighted few know investing is the best way to build a nest egg that provides the comfort, convenience and security they want.

But to become an investor who’s able to push their balance far beyond mediocre market returns, you need two things…

  • Education: because investing without knowing the right mindset and principles is like being a lamb led to the slaughter
  • A system for bigger returns: because the average rate of 7.5% p.a. will leave you well short of what your future self needs to live with any degree of enjoyment

“Average” is why most find a yawning gap in their post-work finances. They invest in the average diversified or balanced mutual fund and get average (i.e. horribly inadequate) results.

Nearly every one of these funds can’t match — let alone beat — basic stock market benchmarks. In fact, they’re lucky to achieve 7.5% annualised returns over the long-term, net of fees paid.

While in the US, “big name” target date funds perform even worse…

Take some of Australia’s top-performing Super funds with their “not so super” returns…

(You might have noticed many funds don’t even get close to the “worst case” rate of return that still leaves you hundreds of thousands short.)

But taking your hard-earned nest egg out of the hands of woefully under-performing funds is only the first step in taking back your financial future.

Your pension is at risk…

Wherever you are in the world, it’s likely the pension fund you’re relying on for retirement is massively under-funded. Right now, pension funds around the planet are short $70 TRILLION. By 2050, it’s expected they’ll be $450 trillion in the hole.

World Economic Forum – May 2017

Introducing the Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club: the systematic, simple way to reclaim your retirement

We created The Blueprint to Wealth Club to transform you into a successful self-directed investor — one who doesn’t have to rely on over-paid “experts” and “money managers”.

It was designed to give you control over your nest egg with far better financial results, setting you up for the comfortable retirement you deserve.

And it was built to help everyone with the burning desire to do more with their money, whether you’re 50 years from retirement, 5 years away or already retired.

The Club helps you become an expert, self-directed investor in two big ways:

  • By educating you in the essential investing concepts, like how to evaluate the right investment vehicle and map out the right strategy. There’s no complex mathematics or formulas, just a focus on what you need to know to create or update your own investment plan.
  • By mapping out high-return, market-tested systems and strategies to accelerate your nest egg’s growth. There’s little that’s complicated about these systems, and once you’ve learned the principles, you’ll use them to build your own wealth.

But there’s one specific strategy that Club members, having mastered the concepts and tailored their Investment Plan for their goals and purpose, love to fatten their investment funds with.

Become a Successful Self-Directed Investor

The “Buffett-Beating” Cornerstone of the Club

When people hear about this strategy, they’re immediately sceptical.

They can’t believe that it performs as well as it does.

And that makes sense, because the return this strategy delivers is hard to believe.

It came out of exhaustive research for Gary’s latest book, and to date, hasn’t been replicated anywhere else so easily.

It’s called the “Wait & Win” strategy.

It’s deceptively simple… and incredibly effective.

When you rate it against the underwhelming performance of the typical mutual funds, there’s no comparison.

But here’s the part investors have a hard time accepting: “Wait & Win” even edges out the legendary Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway over the medium & long-term…

And while “Wait & Win” may only just edge out Mr. Buffett, it completely smashes the S&P500 — the “go to” index of hundreds of funds around the world — by over 100%

(In other words, if you’d invested $100,000 for 23 years in both the S&P 500 and the “Wait & Win” system, you’d have an extra $645,000 with the “Wait & Win”.)

That doesn’t count the higher fees you’d have to pay to whichever fund was “managing” your money for the S&P 500… so the real difference would be even higher.

What’s more, the latest research to February 2019 shows the S&P500 Total Return index beat 92.43% of large-cap active diversified funds over 15 years to June 2018.

Still not convinced? Here’s the slam dunk proof that shows over more than 92 years, the “Wait & Win” Strategy has outperformed Balanced and Diversified Funds by around 5% annualized.


Yes, I Want To Master “Wait & Win”


I appreciate what you have provided. It has allowed me to retire at 50 and invest and live with confidence towards the future.”

Scott A.


“After three long years, I have finally succumbed to the basic principles taught by Gary. Develop a trading plan based on a mechanical trading system, define rules and stick with them regardless of what the market is doing and ignore the ‘expert’ commentary. My superfund has a much healthier balance these days and the volatility in the market causes me no concern whatsoever.

All I need to do is follow app alerts and use the guidelines and principles defined in my trading plan. I’d like to pass on a big thank you to Gary and the team for providing the tools that have helped me develop the skills and system I now have.”

Michelle Goldsbrough, member since 2015

With the Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club, You Become An Investor Who...

No longer follows the investing herd

  • You aren’t sucked in by cookie-cutter advice that lumps you in with everybody else, even if it is supposed to take your situation into account
  • Your plans, nest egg and future are no longer dictated by the fee-hungry financial fraternity
  • Friends, family and colleagues are impressed by your insights and knowledge on the stock market
  • You’ll have the self-assurance (and results) to call yourself a self-directed, successful investor

Has complete confidence in their strategy

  • You’ll no longer second-guess, hesitate or over-think every investing move you make
  • You’ll no longer waste hour after hour going down research “rabbit holes”, but spend less than an hour each quarter to keep things on track
  • Every time you check the figures around your nest egg, you’ll be unafraid, knowing they’ll always be in your favour over the long term

Ignores “tips of the week” or “trends of the month”

  • Every new craze won’t have you throwing good money at it, desperately hoping to hit the bullseye
  • You’ll see ads and promotions for Forex, options, stocks or ETFs but not be fooled, knowing your strategy and system already deliver real returns for you
  • Your plans keep ticking along to meet your objectives, rather than fulfilling the agendas of others

Weathers storms & shocks in the market without panic

  • While everyone else loses their heads, you’ll keep yours and just follow the same steady, pre-defined process with little fuss or worry
  • Your nest egg is primed to ride out trouble spots and position you to take full advantage of the next up-swing

Continually and consistently grows their wealth

  • You know that “overnight success” and “get rich quick” is the realm of fantasy
  • Able to view retirement (or early retirement) with a sense of anticipation, rather than nervous uncertainty or fear
  • With your simple strategy and structured process in place, your nest egg consistently performs well above industry averages while you live life, knowing your financial future is in the best hands it could possibly be: yours

Crafting A Near Unbeatable Investing System

How Gary painstakingly built his system from the ground up…

Have you ever had such enthusiasm for something that you were ready to go “all in” chasing it?

Whatever it cost, you were prepared to pay the price.

My “something” was mastering the stock market. And in building, then perfecting my mechanical investing methodology over 20 years ago, I…

  • Bought book after book on investing, poring through each one forensically for some clue that would unlock the key to consistent returns
  • Blew thousands of dollars testing theories in the one place that mattered: the stock market
  • Spent 8 years building, testing and refining, from the first scribblings on paper to a fully-fledged system that could give my clients the results they were looking for

If you were to count the degree in Computer Science and Mathematics I’d studied before discovering the beauty of the markets, my total investment into this methodology was well over a decade.

And after painful setbacks and endless, hair-tearing frustration, I finally cracked the code and had a system that could out-perform almost any other out there.

This system beat all comers in three out of four year-long investing contests held by Personal Investor magazine between 1997 and 2002.

As news of the methodology grew, I became somewhat of a “go to” commentator on the markets and investing. I’ve appeared on more investment news shows than I can remember, have penned countless magazine columns for financial publications and have even written a book spelling out my philosophy on investing (you get a digital copy as part of your membership).

20 years after its birth, this rules-based, mechanical investing process has been used successfully by thousands of self-directed investors around Australia and the world to build their nest egg and gain financial independence.

Are you ready to become one of those successful investors?

Join the Investors Club


“Your course should be a High School subject”

My objective now is to get my two 30-something children to ‘move their legs’ in the same direction before it’s too late.

Your course should be a High School, University or College core/compulsory subject. It’s what’s needed by the “ordinary Joe” to get themselves on the right track to achieve a comfortable retirement and obviously, the sooner they start then the easier it’ll be.”

Trevor Lock

Your Journey To Successful Self-Directed Investor Begins Here

Module 1: How To Avoid A Mid-Retirement Crisis

You’ve been doing the right things financially. You’re putting away money regularly, savings are ticking over, the autopilot is humming. But do you really know how your progress is tracking when it comes to the big picture?

  • Nest Egg Alert: work out exactly how big your nest egg needs to be when you call time on the 9-to-5 (it’s staggering how few people do this calculation)
  • Follow Iain, our “composite customer”, to see how most people view their retirement… and what most completely miss
  • The “blindside” that takes a huge chunk out of everyone’s savings
  • Why alternatives like social security, the pension or building a business you hope to sell will probably leave you “scrooging” your retirement

Module 2: Lock In Your Mindset

Success as an investor isn’t just about choosing the right strategy. In fact, the right strategy in the wrong hands (i.e. someone who doesn’t have the self-directed investor mindset) is likely to fail. That’s why we get this right before looking at any of the systems and processes to grow your nest egg.

  • Decipher the wild, confusing investing scene of today so you fully understand your options
  • The characteristics and traits anyone can develop to become a successful self-directed investor
  • The emotional pitfalls investors inevitably encounter, and how to handle them without affecting your performance (or losing hurting your balance)
  • Where you start your long-term investing journey and why

Module 3: Pick Your Investment Vehicle

Most people don’t understand the options available when investing, so defer to the “social default”: balanced or growth funds. As a self-directed investor, you want to know all the options available, which is what you’ll discover in this module.

  • Why choosing the right investment vehicle before you do anything else is critical
  • What really matters: cutting down each vehicle to get the details you need to know
  • Why diversification — the advice of most mainstream financial experts — is the wrong path to get the returns you need over the long term, along with other myths you should ignore
  • Perform your first benchmarking exercise to measure the relative performance of ETFs and mutual funds

Module 4: Pick Your Strategy

Now you know the landscape much better, you’re ready to determine the strategies that work for the situation you’re in (and those strategies that flat out fail). Spend the time studying this: many investors take years to learn these insights, if they ever do at all.

  • How to determine the right strategy for YOUR circumstances
  • The two stupidly simple “big ideas” most people have no idea about, either leaving hundreds of thousands on the table… or losing most of their nest egg as a result
  • The four questions you should ask any strategy you’re looking to grow your wealth with (the first one: what to buy?)
  • How a solid strategy takes the “rollercoaster” of emotion and rookie mistakes out of your investing

Module 5: Pick The Right Investment System

You’ve now moved far beyond what basic investors ever consider. You have nearly all the elements in place: the mindset, the investment vehicle and the strategy. In choosing the right system, you build a process around each part to make them work in harmony and maximise your results.

  • A 5-point check to tell a good system that works for you from a bad system that drags performance down
  • Using a system to “McDonaldise” your self-directed investing process for better stability and returns
  • How to use the “Wait & Win” strategy to reap big rewards over the long-term
  • Using the “15 Minutes A Week” strategy to maximize returns in the shorter term while protecting your nest egg from sudden market shocks

Module 6: Create Your Investment Plan

Your Investment Plan is the culmination of everything you’ve learned so far and your roadmap to successful investing for years to come.

  • Create your “Wait & Win” Investment Plan: chart out the path to your financial freedom over the longer-term
  • Write your “15 Minutes A Week” Investment Plan: when you don’t have as long left until retirement but need to boost your nest egg, this shows you how
  • A detailed, pre-planned Investment Plan with the heavy lifting done for you: simply download, follow the videos and tweak to your personal circumstances

Social Security in the US is predicted to run out… in 2034 or 2035, meaning an immediate and permanent 23% cut to an already paltry pension.

Investopedia – May 2018

In Australia, it’s been reported that the pension isn’t enough to survive on, with one in three pensioners living in poverty.

Sydney Morning Herald – January 2016

In the UK, the balance of the fund that pays the state pension is expected to “fall rapidly to zero around 2032”, according to the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD).

Moneywise – January 2018

Join the Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club

BONUS: Extra Membership Benefits Only Club Members Get

Bonus 1: Unlimited Email Access (Worth $997)
The secret of many successful self-directed investors is simple: a mentor. Someone who’s seen it all and is willing to guide others less experienced. When you join the Club, you’ll get your own “mentorship” with unlimited email access to Gary and his team of analysts. Ask him anything about the course, the strategies, the systems, and even the stock market. Decades of investing research and experience are here to shortcut your growth.

Bonus 2: Fortnightly Webinars (Worth $997)
Investors who stay at the top of their game know education doesn’t end with a single course or a few books. That’s why we hold fortnightly webinars to give you extra coaching in the context of the markets. You reinforce your new skills and develop the ability to exploit unfolding trends and patterns long before the mainstream is ever aware of them.

Bonus 3: 2nd Investment Plan (Worth $2,497)
Investment Plans aren’t a “one size fits all” proposition. That’s why we’ve spent dozens of hours to create a second investment plan for you. This plan is designed to fortify your nest egg from market shocks or crashes while still growing your wealth. Like the first plan included in your membership, you’ll be able to use this as a template to help you shoot towards your ambitious financial goals.

Bonus 4: Free Charting Tool Trial (Worth $18)
Software isn’t something new investors should focus on when starting out, but once you have a system in place, it’s a powerful tool. When you join the Club, you get a 21-day trial to Beyond Charts: a fully-functional technical analysis package that includes end-of-day market data. You’ll be able to give Beyond Charts a thorough working out for a full 3 weeks to see how it makes your investing even easier.

Bonus 5: Blueprint to Wealth Book (Worth $12)
As a personal way of saying thank you, you’ll get a digital copy of Gary’s book Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week. The book covers a lot of the principles in the course, along with new ideas that round out your learning.

Get the Blueprint to Wealth

Give yourself 90 days to discover how the Club can transform your skills, your finances and your future

Our members never set out to make a million dollars in 90 days or become the next George Soros.

They want a way to get better returns for their nest egg, a system that lets them escape the under-achieving funds most people suffer with, and ultimately find the freedom to do what they want, either in retirement or well before.

That’s what the Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club is all about, and the feedback we get every month suggests we’re delivering.

We’re so confident you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Club that we happily offer two guarantees to make your membership 100% risk-free.

The “ROI Guaranteed Return”

Not everything can be measured by a direct dollar ROI, but we’ve seen firsthand the boosts that members get to their nest egg.

If, after 90 days, you’re not completely satisfied the Club is helping you do more for your savings and investments, you’ll get every dollar of your money back.

The “5-Star Service Guarantee”

As a Club member, you’re entitled to the same first-class support and service that have helped our members become successful investors. Should you feel you’re not getting , let us know within 90 days and you’ll get 100% of your money back.

What Other Self-Directed Investors Are Saying…

“Every aspect of investing has been covered in an easy to understand process within SWS. It has helped me immensely and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is wanting to learn how to invest. Even my own kids. Many thanks to you all in putting this system together.”

Jeffrey Schloss, member since June 2014


Informative comprehensive results-based processes and procedures that are easily demonstrated. The course has very good content that details the theory of the system very well. Overall it is an excellent training.

Greg Brierley, member since November 2014


I like the attitude that Share Wealth uses: the thinking!

Gregory Vacirca, member since December 2016


Love the rigour and logic of the systems involved.

Michael Spratt, member since Feb 2002


Gary’s second client many years ago and have continued to follow his wisdom.

Michael Timothee, member since July 1995


Gary and the team at Share Wealth Systems run very well researched, reliable, disciplined, profitable investing/trading systems.

Colin Butler, member since September 2005


I believe in your research and philosophy. You and your team are accessible to all of us. You and your team are always striving to improve your system. I know that if I wanted to communicate with you personally that all I have to do is contact you.

Boyd Parry, member since April 1999


It is a mechanical non-discretionary system which is proven to have an edge and is continually being improved with tested research. Also a high level of education on how to use the systems for maximum success.

Peter Jumikis, member since Feb 2012

If you want to regain control of your financial future, the $9,735 in value that comes with The Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club helps you do just that.


  • $1,250 value ~ Instant access to the complete Blueprint to Wealth course
  • $1,997 value ~ Nest Egg Alert calculations to show where your retirement’s headed
  • $1,997 value ~ A fully-documented “Wait & Win” investment plan
  • $997 value ~ 6 months of unlimited email access to Gary and his team
  • $997 value ~ 6 months of fortnightly live webinars keeping you up-to-date with the markets
  • $2,497 value ~ A second comprehensive, active investment plan with researched returns of 13% – 20% p.a.


Join over 3,000 successful self-directed investors following the true path to the financial security, independence and retirement you deserve


$997 / $297 USD

Yes, I Want To Join the
Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club

Questions That Other Investors Are Asking

The 15 short learning-loaded lessons about investing, packaged into 6 modules, should take you no longer than 5 hours to complete.

The course material and the bonuses of the coaching webinar attendance and VIP Email support are available for 6 months from date of enrolment.

There is just under 5 hours of online course training and between 10 & 12 hours of live webinar coaching available during the 6 months.

Yes, you can. There is an additional cost of $197 for an additional 6 months. This will continue your access to the fortnightly coaching and Market Status Update webinars.

Basically, from 28 years of research and experience.

What I have found is that the first of the two investment paths covered in the online course, the “Wait & Win” path…

…has performed better than Warren Buffett’s listed investment company Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) since this particular investment vehicle became available to everyday investors in May 1995.

And Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has outperformed just about every 401(k), active diversified & balanced mutual fund, Pension Plan, Industry or Retail Super fund over this same period.

It has also way outperformed all major stock market indices, including the S&P500 Total Return and the ASX200 Accumulation indices over this period.

That’s nearly a quarter of a century of demonstrated outperformance.

And digging deeper I have found that the particular investing vehicle used by the “Wait & Win” strategy has been outperforming the major stock market benchmarks going back to 1926!

BTW, I only discovered this after 2013 when I started work on my book, Blueprint to Wealth…

…and have been gobsmacked that NO investment advisers, financial planners or industry experts that I have raised this with even know about the massive outperformance achieved by this “Wait & Win” process…

… nor the ease with which EVERYBODY can invest in this investment vehicle.

It is so little-known because:

  • There is nothing in it, in the way of fees, for investment advisers, financial planners, 401(k) plan providers, Super funds and pension plans around the world.
  • The financial fraternity’s solution focus is on how to manage multiple billions of dollars, not on an individual’s requirements of a few 10s or 100s or 1000s of dollars.

I discovered it via research for my book, Blueprint to Wealth, conducted through the dual prism of seeking and formulating a solution for my customers, who are individuals not large funds; and for myself.

The drive came from the creative process of writing a book, which was prefaced by listening to my customers’ requirements, many of whom have been using our investing solutions for many years, some over 20 years.

And, because this is what I do, I have the luxury of extreme focus, time, knowledge and experience to keep seeking, researching, qualifying until the Ah-ha discovery was made.

Yes, there is a 100% money back guarantee. We ask that you let us know within 90 days of enrolment that you would like to enact this guarantee and we’ll gladly give you your money back. Simply email the Support email address that you will be provided with after enrolling.

You can either ask a question within each Module on the platform for all current and future attendees to see. Or you can email our team with the dedicated support email address that you are provided with after you enrol. You will typically get a response on the same day and seldom beyond 24 hours.

It’s definitely not complicated. In fact, anyone can implement the Wait and Win Strategy, even if you have no prior stock market knowledge. We teach you exactly what you need to do and have a team on hand to assist with any questions you might have along the way. Being part of the Club means having the people around you to support you, rather than having to go it alone.

The Club is very relevant to you as an investor. The Wait and Win Strategy is designed specifically for those looking to invest. However, the lessons learned are important for both investors and traders alike to understand and master.

You’ll be shocked that this information has been held back by the financial fraternity for years and how easily it can benefit anyone that knows it. And the great thing is that it’s information that you can pass onto your children to also benefit financially throughout their lives. You may also be shocked at just how simple it is to implement the strategy and how little time you actually need to devote to it once up and running. It really does only need about 1 hour per year.

You may also be shocked at how easy it is to at least match, let alone beat, the investing performance of the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett.

Lastly, you may be shocked at how much you need to enjoy a comfortable and independent retirement, and have a contingency for living longer in retirement, ill-health or leaving a legacy…

A current 25 year old needs to earn 9.5% p.a. (10.25% in Australia due to contributions tax) whilst saving 9.5% of their wage for 40 years.

Earning the Industry average of 7.5% p.a. will leave them over $1 Million short for a comfortable and independant retirement.

How does your nest egg stack up?

1. Enter the current balance of your retirement nest-egg
2. Enter in your current annual contributions (eg. 9.5% of your annual wage)
3. Enter in your expected annual salary increase
4. Enter in your expected annual investment return
5. Enter in how many years until you want to retire

Join the Blueprint to Wealth
Investors Club