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Inside My Latest Book, I’ll Show You How Ordinary Retail Investors Are Using Simple, Easy-to-Use Tools To Streamline The Research Process And Lock-In Trading Profits.

From the Desk of Gary Stone
To: Investors Interested in Data-Based Decision-Making

Gary Stone

Investment Educator, Author & Founder of Share Wealth Systems
Dear Self-Directed Investor,

My name is Gary Stone, I’ve spent the last 30 years helping self-directed investors make better investment decisions. 

And today, I’d like to share with you a way of making more confident investing decisions, more often, without having to spend every hour of the day analyzing charts and reading news headlines. 

If you’re frustrated with investing in the stock market because of the sheer amount of information, research, and data you need to keep up with to make an informed decision…

If you’ve ever wished you could make better data-based decisions…

Or if you’re finding that you’re letting the opinions of other people, sources, newsletters, gurus, or online forums muddy your trading decisions…

…what I’m about to show you might help. Because…

Most Investors Simply Don’t Have The Time To Analyze All The Data Available to Them.

Sure, you might do your due diligence and go through:
  • Newsletters
  • Chart Analysis
  • Media
  • Emails
  • Brokers
  • ​Company Reports
  • ​“Gurus” on TV/Internet
…but even after you’ve done hours (sometimes days) of research, your trades may still fall flat for one simple reason:

You might have missed something.

A number in a spreadsheet here. A news headline there.

Something – anything.
And it’s hardly your fault – you’re only human.

It’s Not Like You Can Spend Every Hour Of The Day Agonizing Over Each Little Bit Of Information To Come To A Decision, Right?

(And even if you could... would you really want to?)

The reality is that it’s impossible to keep up with and analyze all the data the market provides. Your mind can process a lot of that data, but it’s impossible to accurately process it all. 

There’s not enough time in the day. 

So how do you continue to make trades that net you a positive return, without simply chaining yourself to your laptop or gluing yourself to the news headlines?


You take the human out of it.

You simply offload all the research that would have taken you hours…and onto a computer that can sift through every piece of information out there in just seconds.

Now, am I saying you just let a computer buy, sell, and trade stocks on your behalf without any input from you whatsoever?

Not at all.

Instead, I’m simply recommending that you let a computer gather all the data that currently exists about a particular trade…

You let the computer run data through a set of “rules”, so that it can calculate the probabilities of certain outcomes in a fraction of the time it would take the average investor…

And based on the probable outcomes the computer produces, you can make the decision to buy, sell, or hold, with much more confidence that your “due diligence” has well and truly been done.

We call that kind of computer-assisted strategy a “Decision Support System” – Or DSS for short.

A DSS looks at price action data.

It applies pre-researched, pre-defined rules to that data.

It synchronizes with the market to analyze the probability of success.

And it crunches numbers in seconds that would often take a whole room of experts days to analyze.

Using that kind of DSS to support my investing decisions, I’ve not only been able to make more confident investing decisions, more rapidly, for myself.

I’ve also spent the past 30 years helping my private clients to do the same.
…and lock-in profits just trades like these:

Example #1: 
Returned 21.50% Annualized Over a 5+ Year Period, Outperforming the S&P 500 Total Return Index

Example #2:
How the System You’re About to Learn Secured a 244.77% Profit Trade After a 380-Day Hold Period:

Example #3:
How the System You’re About to Learn Locked-In 77.44% Profit on Google After a 343-Day Hold Period:

Example #4: 
How the System You’re About to Learn Secured 68.71% Profit on Tesla:

Now, I know you might be wondering:

“If it’s as simple as letting a computer do the research for me…why aren’t more people doing it?”

The answer is, they are.

Fund managers have used Decision Support Systems since the 1980s to manage money on behalf of their clients. And those who do use a decision support system use it to determine a statistical edge by programming historical market data into a software tool. It’s a complex operation.

Problem is, most self-directed investors historically just haven’t had the time, knowledge, or resources to be able to set up their own DSS’s in the same way most hedge funds do.

…Until now.

Thanks to the power of simple tools available today, it’s actually easier than ever to set up your own DSS, program the right “rules”, and let it run its analytics in the background.

You don’t need the backing of a huge hedge fund.

You don’t need a massive team of analysts to crunch the numbers for you or program all the right inputs.

And you certainly don’t need millions of dollars to be able to blow on “working out the kinks” in your Decision Support System.

Instead, you can set up the same kind of DSS right from the comfort of your own home.

And on this page, I’d like to give you a simple process for setting up your own DSS, no matter your level of technical know-how.

I’ll share with you the software I use (including the programming), the system I follow, and the trading method I practice (and have taught to thousands of investors like you).

I’d like to make it as easy as spending just one afternoon setting up your support system, so that you can spend less time agonizing over trades…

And spend more time with your family, on your hobbies, or pretty much anything else.

(All while your DSS works in the background to help you make more confident investing decisions.)

To help you do that, I wrote a book called 15% Per Year in 15 Minutes Per Week.

You can get on this page for just $4.95.

When you do, you’ll discover how I was able to set up and program my own nifty Decision Support System that has historically achieved 15% annualized returns with just 15 minutes of my time per week.

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>> The Biggest Hurdle for Those Who Already Understand How to Make Money in the Market and exactly what you need to overcome it and potentially see 15% annualized returns or more (p. 10). 

>> The Two Categories of People Who Successfully Accelerate Their Growth by Taking Back Control of Their Wealth from third parties to invest directly in the stock market. (Are you in one of these groups? Find out on p.12)

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>> The LEAST Important Things to Get Right When Investing (HINT: it’s not what you think) — learn what to focus on instead, and the correct order of importance of your investing decisions (first of the 4 Hard Lessons in Chapter 3). 

>> The NUMBER ONE Enemy of Long-Term Profitability and why it may have more to do with your thought process than any external factor (Hard Lesson 3 on p.31). 

>> Your Buy and Sell Decisions May Cost You More Than They Should — in Chapter 4, learn the types of Decision Support Systems to reclaim your time, money, and energy (HINT: input from newsletters, chart analysis, and financial planners may not help as much as you think).

>> Use This Method to Simplify These Key Investing Decisions so you don’t have to spend all your time reading and researching like Warren Buffet does (p.76).

>> See a Portfolio Simulation Using My Method in the chart on p.90. You simply can’t do this kind of research and back-testing without it to verify your gut decisions in the market!

>> DON’T INVEST before completing these 5 steps — Chapter 6 dives into the exact steps I’ve used to develop and stress-test my approach to stock market investing.

>> The Process You’ll Implement to Remove Subjectivity, Fear, and Emotions from Your Investing Decisions — The decision diagram on p. 96 takes all guesswork out of the equation, so your stock market activity takes minutes—not hours—each day.

>> The 6 Sections Your Investment Plan MUST Have if you want to become a successful investor and increase your chances of above-average growth in the long term. (p. 121)

>> The Four Primary Trading Fears You MUST Overcome to research and create your own Statistical Edge in the market — without falling victim to one paradox all self-directed investors face. (p.140)

>> A List of Indicators and Methods you can choose from and research to build your Decision Support System (and how to use them to take objective action). (p.146)

>> Include This ONE Indicator in Your Testing no matter which other indicators and methods you apply when developing your own Decision Support System. (p.149)

>> See How Your Portfolio Would Perform Without Putting a Single Dollar into the Market — On p.154, you’ll find out exactly what you need to do to see how your system will perform before you use it for real investing decisions.

…And much, much more, as you discover exactly what goes into building a Decision Support System for investing, how you can do it yourself, and the easiest way to increase your potential for consistent long-term returns in the stock market while preserving your most valuable resources: your time and energy.

Discover Why I Am Trusted By Some Of the Industry’s Most Respected Experts:

“I believe that the nature and level of the research conducted by SWS is unparalleled in the world of equities trading for private investors. Indeed, the quality and the comprehensiveness of SWS research have raised the bar for systems providers and money managers around the globe. This largely reflects the commitment of Gary Stone and his associates to the continuous quality improvement of the SWS methodology.”

Hank Pruden
Professor Hank Pruden, Ph.D, is Professor of Business and Executive Director of the Institute for Technical Market Analysis (ITMA) at the Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Hank is also the author of “The three skills of top trading”.
“Several years ago Gary asked me to give a presentation at a conference he was hosting for his customers on Hamilton Island. I accepted and had a wonderful time. I found Gary and his organization to be very professional and operate with a high level of integrity. Since then, he and I have developed a very good working relationship and I'm very happy to say that we have also become good friends.”

Mark Douglas
Mark is recognised as one of the premier stock market Psychology coaches in the world today. His International best selling books include "The Disciplined Trader" and "Trading in the Zone".
“I was running Personal Investment magazine at the time in the mid 1990’s and we quickly found a spot for Gary and his stock-picking techniques. Over the years Gary has evolved his business and his skills, but his quest has always remained the same: allow individual investors to have the same tools and mindset as the professionals.”

Ross Greenwood
Sky News Business Editor, Ross Greenwood, has covered finance and business matters both in Australia and around the world for almost 30 years.
“Gary and the team at Share Wealth Systems possess an incredible wealth of knowledge on trading system design and development. They are constantly researching and innovating to find the most practical and effective approach to trading. As a result of this, their SPA3 trading system is accessible to all investors and incorporates some of the best research into trading methodology, risk management and portfolio management being done anywhere in the industry today.”

Carl Capolingua
Market Analyst - Think Markets. With nearly 20 years' experience investing privately and for clients, Carl has extensive expertise in investing equities, options, futures, foreign exchange and CFDs
“It's been a pleasure to know Gary and his team for a number of years, both personally and professionally. Apart from offering a great product, they operate on a mandate of strong client support, stringent ongoing research and a strong willingness to help DIY traders achieve investment success within a strict risk management regime. Whilst investing manifests in different ways to different people, success in the markets unquestionably requires a mathematical edge and Share Wealth Systems (SWS) ensures their clients are on the right side of the expectancy curve.”

Nick Radge
Nick is a professional trader, educator and author who has been trading and investing since 1985. Nick consults to financial planners and accountants on trading and investment strategies for their clients and is the founder of ‘The Chartist’.

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You’ll receive the 15% Per Year in 15 Minutes Per Week digital book, the 3+ hour audiobook, a PDF file, ePUB file, and MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.
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