Imagine if you could have achieved a 54% growth on your managed fund in 2019?

All of this with

  • Beating out the best fund managers and Top-tier Super Funds
  • Peace of mind with profits protected from the COVID-19 crash
  • Buy and Sell alerts that take the uncertainty out of financial decisions
  • All with less than an hour a week of effort

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    A New Approach to Investing

    This case study provides the fully auditable, real-money evidence of how you could have achieved similar returns in the stock market to the royal blue line in the chart alongside using the SPA3 Investor system. Regardless of your investing experience.

    Since January 2016, we’ve managed a portfolio that precisely follows each buy and sell signal indicated by SPA3 Investor. This is what it achieved

    • 18.8% compounded annual return
    • Grew $80,000 to $175,000
    • ‘Sell’ alerts which protected profits from the COVID-19 crash.
    Gary Stone
    Managing Director and creator of SPA3 Investor
    • Details of the actual trades we executed within a self managed portfolio during the calendar year of 2019 which saw 54% growth.
    • Our portfolio’s action during the February/March 2020 crash and how profits were protected from the COVID-19 crash.
    • Background of the SPA3 Investor and the 5000+ hours of Historical Research prior to 1 January 2016.
    • Overview of the portfolio’s performance since Inception on 1 January, 2016 to current.

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    See the Broker Reports that list the actual open and closed stock positions.

    What our clients say

    “… Previously, I would stress and worry about the markets when they were falling, Share Wealth Systems has removed that worry completely.

    The system got me safely into 100% cash before the recent big falls due to the Corona Virus selloff. The calm I am experiencing during this selloff is appreciated!

    … I have my two major risks covered. Firstly, the risk of losing huge amounts of my capital in a selloff is mitigated, and secondly, the risk of not taking maximum advantage of what returns the market has to offer.”

    Rob P.
    Share Wealth Systems member since 2009

    “Comprehensive approach to share investing including a proven edge via back testing with risk management and money management built into the software all backed up with extensive education resources and regular webinars. Yes, SWS has changed my approach to share trading / investing / wealth management.”

    Bruce W.
    Share Wealth Systems member since Dec 2012

    “For many years I have personally utilised the Share Wealth Systems as well as performed a significant amount of my own back-testing/research. As a consequence I have the utmost faith in SWS’s SPA3 and can execute the process without hesitation or reservation.”

    Jurgen P.
    Share Wealth Systems member since July 2004

    “Following SWS’s proven disciplined methodology switches a share investor’s confusion & uncertainty to confidence & long term certainty. That’s what it’s done for me.”

    Chris L.
    Share Wealth Systems member since September 2014

    “Share Wealth Systems provide objective, mechanical methodologies to engage the markets whilst also providing flexibility in customising the approach that best suits your situation. SWS also provide excellent education in trading/investing in the markets. Most of my investing is now based on the SWS methodology. When I’m asked how I engage the markets, I refer them to SWS as one of the best ways I’ve found.”

    Kym C.
    Share Wealth Systems member since July 2016

    “I have had a great 2019 using SPA3 Investor. It’s simple to use and the support you give is fantastic. And it’s fun”

    Keith S.
    Share Wealth Systems member since June 2015

    “You got me out of all my positions after I had lost 10% [when the COVID-19 Crash started] . Since then, had I kept my stocks, I would’ve lost another 30%. Your fee has been paid back 2 or 300 times over!”

    Fabian N.
    Share Wealth Systems member since December 2012
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    About Gary Stone Managing Director, Share Wealth Systems

    Gary has a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He started his
    investing career in the stock market in 1990.

    Gary combined two of his main business interests, computing and the stock market, to establish Share
    Wealth Systems in 1995, which provides Investment Systems and coaching to self-directed investors.

    Gary has researched and designed two commercially available Investment Systems for self-directed
    investors who invest in the Australian and U.S. stock markets, viz., SPA3 Investor and SPA3 Trader.

    Over 25 years Gary has invested over 8000 hours in research to build and refine these two
    investment systems.

    His business has also developed its own commercially available intermediate-range charting and
    technical analysis software, called Beyond Charts.

    Gary has had over 200 media appearances on TV and radio in Australia from 2008 to 2020 (Sky Business
    Channel, TickerTV, Money News radio show) and over 50 interviews on radio in the U.S.

    He has been a keynote speaker since 1997 at numerous conferences around Australia. These include
    numerous Australian Technical Analysis Association (ATAA) meetings, including four Annual ATAA
    Conferences and two IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts) conferences.

    Gary is the author of “Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week.”, which was
    published in 2016 and is available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hardcover.