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“50% profit in 11 months by taking less risk”

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Iain recently found out how to transform his financial future from getting paltry median returns, to more than doubling his annualised returns.

He worked out that doubling annualised returns can more than triple his Nest Egg profits over 20 years! Even Quadruple!

His investing life has been transformed from being worried and stressed about what the stock market will do next, to being calm, in control and very profitable.

Would you like to do something about becoming a far better investor with far better returns by investing in the stock market?


Then come to a FREE LIVE event and I’ll show you how Iain has used a unique Investment Strategy to smash the ASX200 Accumulation Index (and hence nearly all Managed Funds, Financial Planners, Asset/Wealth/Portfolio Managers, Brokers, Newsletters…).

In this “Find-out-how Session” you will see firsthand:

1)  How Iain’s real-money, live-traded, open-book ASX portfolio has grown by more than 50% during 2019, which is > 18% annualised since 1 January 2016 – more than double the median return of Super Funds over the same period.

2)  How Iain’s simple, efficient process takes < 15 minutes a week of effort (last trade was more than 2 months ago).

3)  The one-of-a-kind Sell Strategy that exits positions in a such a way to create these efficient returns by first-and-foremost protecting capital, and then allowing superior growth.

4) The only way that you can overcome stock market investing stress and become a confident, cool-headed, profitable and winning investor… for the rest of your investing life.

5)  One very important reason why you cannot afford to not be invested in the stock market in AUSTRALIA or the U.S. RIGHT NOW!

6) The unique home-grown Share Wealth Systems tools that make Iain’s investing process so simple and efficient.

7) Why this easy to follow, repeatable investing approach into large, household name Stocks is likely to be less risky and less time consuming than the one you, your managed fund or your financial advisor is following right now.

I’ll be presenting in Melbourne in the evening of 28th November 2019 in a Free Find-out-how Session.

Come along and gain new knowledge about Iain’s simple, efficient and highly profitable investing in the stock market.

(No charge to attend, free refreshments)

Presenter: Gary Stone, who Founded Share Wealth Systems in 1995.

You may have seen me on Foxtel’s Business Channel sometime between 2008 & 2018 – on “Your Money Your Call”, or on “Switzer”.

Or read my book “Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week”

Join me in this once-a-year LIVE PRESENTATION