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The Better Way to Invest
SPA3 Investor
SPA3 for ASX

SPA3ETF gives you the ability to filter and find the strongest and best performing ETFs, those that are on the move right now. With buy and sell recommendations across a range of ETFs, SPA3ETF is the ultimate way to get access to global markets, from the massive indices in the US, Europe, China and Japan to the emerging markets like Brazil and Mexico.

With SPA3ETF You Can…

  • Learn how to build and manage a portfolio or Self-Managed Super     Fund (SMSF), 401k or IRA
  • Get clear buy, sell & hold signals so you know how to act
  • Customise software & rules to meet your investing requirements
  • Manage your ETF portfolio in as little as 10 minutes per week
  • Outperform the market and hence active funds while minimising     risk and volatility

    Open the door to the most liquid exchanges the world has to offer and let SPA3ETF guide you towards outstanding investment opportunities that have been researched to produce returns far and above the benchmark.

    Read on to discover how SPA3ETF works…

  • Complete Portfolio

    Track your performance and manage your ETF portfolio professionally with the use of the SPA3 portfolio manager. The portfolio manager is the “glue” that brings the components of the trading system together so you have a transparent view of your holdings and performance.

    Discover out-performing ETFs

    Being able to identify the best investment opportunities, means that you’re able to have your money work harder and smarter.

    With a single click, SPA3ETF conducts a fully automated, daily ETF scan, looking for ETFs that are rising in momentum. Relative strength against the market is then used to rank the best from the worst performing ETFs so you have a clear indication where best to invest your money.

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