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SPA3 for ASX
SPA3 for ASX

SPA3 has everything you need to take complete control of your investment portfolio. With Buy and Sell recommendations across 2200 stocks on the ASX, risk management tools that are built to protect your trading capital and money management that is customised to meet your appetite for risk. All backed by over 16 years of the most extensive research and public portfolio results you will find anywhere.

SPA3 is suitable for the first time investor or share savvy guru (portfolio pro). With tools to guide you step by step through the buy and sell process, along with capabilities for software and rule customisation – SPA3 is fully scalable to fulfil your trading requirements.

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SPA3 does all the analysis and hard work for you. Backed by over 19 years of pioneering research and live traded by everyday people for over 16 years.

We’ve used the exact same steps and process that we teach our customers to achieve this SPA3 Public Portfolio performance. From an initial capital injection of $50,000 on January 25th 2001, the SPA3 for ASX Public Portfolio has grown (this includes the cost of brokerage), to outperform the All Ordinaries index.

We even publish each and every trade made to the portfolio on a daily basis which further adds to the transparency and credibility of the SPA3 Public Portfolio.

30th January 2019
* The performance of the SPA3 for ASX public portfolio has been achieved by strictly adhering to the SPA3 rules and processes. Portfolio returns will differ when taking into account portfolio size, trade selection and the time the portfolio began. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Trades are committed to the portfolio in real-time and include costs associated with trading but are not executed in the market.

Suitable for starting amounts exceeding $25,000 - SPA3 for ASX is designed for literally anyone that wants to take active and focused care of their investment portfolio. It takes just 10 minutes a day, on average, to follow the SPA3 daily processes, upon which, you’ll be left with a repeatable, consistent and objective approach to investment. SPA3 is sought by those looking for a researched and structured approach; one which has been tested and live traded for performance.

If you want to:

- Trade the ASX (Australian Market)
- Make your money work harder and Smarter
- Invest with rules and processes that have demonstrated to actually achieve results
- Invest with a researched method for entering and exiting stocks
- Invest with a researched method for entering and exiting the market
- Invest with a researched method for measuring risk and the allocation of capital

Whether you are a:

- First time investor looking for a software and analysis tool to do all the hard work for you
- Mum-and-Dad investor that wants to learn and be educated about the markets
- Self-Managed Super Fund Trustee (SMSF) who needs to stay in control
- Active investor or Trader who wants to leverage our experience
- Retired investor who is risk averse and looking for security in retirement


The SPA3 for ASX investment system, combined with our personalized coaching and support will empower you to break free from the status quo to take absolute control of your investment portfolio and give you the peace of mind to execute without the fear of being caught in a severe bear market.

Discover how our education and personalised support can teach you how to invest in the market with the utmost structure, efficiency and confidence.

Complete Portfolio Management

Track your performance and manage your portfolio professionally with the use of the SPA3 portfolio manager. The portfolio manager is the “glue” that brings the components of the investing system together so you have a transparent view of your holdings and performance.

Discover out-performing Stocks

Being able to identify the best investment opportunities, means that you’re able to have your money work harder and smarter.

With a single click, SPA3 for ASX conducts a fully automated, daily scan, looking for Stocks that are rising in momentum so you have a clear indication where best to invest your money.

Know when to sell

Riding the market up’s and down’s can be challenging to say the least. Don’t you think it would be much easier to ride the up’s and do your best to sit aside from the down’s? That’s what SPA3 for ASX is designed to do. When the trend of any instrument is deemed to come to an end, SPA3 for ASX will give you a clear exit signal so you can move your money into other, performing assets. With SPA3 for ASX you will have NO MORE indecision and agonizing over when to sell.

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While SPA3 is the actual trading system, it’s the step by step process that makes it so simple and efficient to manage a SPA3 portfolio. By following the very same processes that we teach our customers, we’ve been able to demonstrate how effective SPA3 is at building long term wealth in the stock market.

Discover 5 simple steps to managing your very own SPA3 portfolio in just 10 minutes a day.

Build your very own investment portfolio

Our education walks you through how to build your very own investment portfolio which is tailored to your own individual risk profile. Questions, such as how much investment capital do I plan to invest and what type of returns am I after, are used to guide you towards the best set-up options.

Start Trading - What stocks do I buy?

We’ve done all the hard work for you!

SPA3 gives you clear buy, hold and sell recommendations on every stock, every day. It’s as simple as running a SPA3 scan of the market to determine what stocks you need to purchase for your portfolio. Our training and education takes you through everything you need to know about finding the shares that are out-performing the market and on the move.

How much money do I enter into my trades?

Every stock varies in price, volatility and liquidity so SPA3 dynamically adjusts the position size depending on how much total capital you have to invest, how volatile the new trade is and your own unique risk profile. SPA3’s position sizing rules allow you to balance a portfolio for risk and opportunity.

When do I sell?

Each year, millions of investors around the world suffer larger than expected losses because they don’t know when to sell. SPA3 gives you clear and distinct exit signals across your entire investment portfolio so you can manage trade risk. Sell signals occur to lock in profits or to protect your capital from heavy losses. Once capital becomes available from selling a stock, the task involves finding a new stock to purchase!

What about market risk

If you plan to invest in the market for many years to come, there are times when you need to be in the market and times when you need to protect your investment capital. SPA3 identifies the falling and rising price movement (momentum) and determines the risk of the market. This critical risk management approach allows SPA3 users to trade the market when it is conducive to making profits yet protects capital by sitting aside when it's not.

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