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SPA3 for ASX

SPA3 for ASX is suitable for anyone who wants to take control of their investment portfolio. It is a medium term active solution that has been researched, tested and live traded since 1998 and and it is a tested and live traded method for wealth creation – working towards security in retirement.

If you want to:

Trade the ASX (Australian Market)
Make your money work harder and Smarter
Invest with rules and processes that have
demonstrated to actually achieve results
Invest with a researched method for
entering and exiting stocks
Invest with a researched method for
entering and exiting the market
Invest with a researched method for
measuring risk and the allocation of capital

Whether you are a:

First time investor looking for a software and analysis tool to do all hard work for you
Mum-and-Dad investor that wants to learn and be educated about the markets
Self-Manage Super Fund Trustee (SMSF Trustees) who needs to stay in control
Active investor or Trader who wants to leverage our experience
Retired investor who is risk averse and looking for security in retirement

SPA3 for ASX is the ultimate tested solution for growing wealth on the stock market.

* Before making any financial decision on the basis of financial software, you should seek advice from a registered financial advisor.


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