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Build your very own investment portfolio

Our education walks you through how to build your very own investment portfolio which is tailored to your own individual risk profile. Questions, such as how much investment capital do I plan to invest and what type of returns am I after, are used to guide you towards the best set-up options.

Start Trading - What stocks do I buy?

We’ve done all the hard work for you!

SPA3 gives you clear buy, hold and sell recommendations on every stock, every day. It’s as simple as running a SPA3 scan of the market to determine what stocks you need to purchase for your portfolio. Our training and education takes you through everything you need to know about finding the shares that are out-performing the market and on the move.

How much money do I enter into my trades?

Every stock varies in price, volatility and liquidity so SPA3 dynamically adjusts the position size depending on how much total capital you have to invest, how volatile the new trade is and your own unique risk profile. SPA3’s position sizing rules allow you to balance a portfolio for risk and opportunity.

When do I sell?

Each year, millions of investors around the world suffer larger than expected losses because they don’t know when to sell. SPA3 gives you clear and distinct exit signals across your entire investment portfolio so you can manage trade risk. Sell signals occur to lock in profits or to protect your capital from heavy losses. Once capital becomes available from selling a stock, the task involves finding a new stock to purchase!

What about market risk

If you plan to invest in the market for many years to come, there are times when you need to be in the market and times when you need to protect your investment capital. SPA3 identifies the falling and rising price movement (momentum) and determines the risk of the market. This critical risk management approach allows SPA3 users to trade the market when it is conducive to making profits yet protects capital by sitting aside when it's not.


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