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The Better Way to Invest

Anyone with money put away in an actively managed fund or a retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or IRA, is an investor by definition, all harboring the hope that over time the funds will grow and provide for a comfortable, enjoyable retirement. Unfortunately, after 25 years of researching, analyzing and investing in the markets, I can tell you the sad truth is that research* everywhere is showing that in most cases it won’t happen. Nearly all active managed funds perform poorly relative to the stock market over the long term which will lead to around 80% of retirement nest eggs running out many years before they should.

At Share Wealth Systems, finding easier, more effective ways to deliver fantastic returns for your nest egg has been our single driving passion. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned investor or a first timer just wanting the best return for your retirement nest egg or other invested monies, our ever evolving, ever simplifying self-directed investing approaches and unrivalled support will ensure you see nothing but the very best investment success.

Based on the investment principles in my book “Blueprint To Wealth”, the SPA3 Investor investment methodology will make sure your nest egg grows faster. All it takes is just 15 minutes a week.

Less work, more control. Less stress, more money. SPA3 Investor is your blueprint to a much more enjoyable retirement.

Follow the signals. It’s that simple.

Gary Stone.
Author of "Blueprint To Wealth"
and Founder of "Share Wealth Systems"

* S&P Dow Jones SPIVA Scorecard;
  John Bogle's book: "Common Sense Investing...";
 Gary Stone's book: "Blueprint to Wealth - Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week.";

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See for yourself how easy it is to enhance your investment returns.

This exciting self-directed investing process opens doors to successful stock market investing to absolutely anyone, even if you’re a first timer with no market knowledge. Just 15 minutes of your time a week can bring superb returns over the long term.

SPA3 Investor is smarter, simpler and safer than anything else on the market over the long term, giving you easy access to a wide range of global financial markets which were previously the exclusive realm of investment professionals.

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"I researched Share Wealth Systems for some time, spoke to some of their customers and realized that they were unique in their field."
Malcolm Hall
Customer since 2012
"After investigating several investment systems, what really attracted me to Share Wealth Systems was the fact that they operate a real money portfolio which is a true test of any system."
Des Rigby
Customer since 2000
"What continually impresses me is the dedication to on-going improvement; both from a process and performance basis."
Graeme Scully
Customer since 2001
"It is particularly important to me to see Gary's focus on R & D and the psychology of trading as an integral part of investment. These are invaluable assets..."
George Dodds
Customer since 2000

Don’t rely on active mutual funds for your retirement.
You must take control.

In ‘Blueprint to Wealth’ I mentor Iain, an everyday investor. He has been in control of his own Blueprint to Wealth portfolio since January 2016 and seeing his portfolio smash the stock market benchmark. This is the performance chart for his real money, real time portfolio compared to the S&P500 Total Return Index. Break free from conventional, fee-fleecing active mutual funds and achieve all that’s on offer from the investment landscape.

It’s your time to shine and take care of your nest egg.
Listen to the signals.

With Share Wealth Systems by your side you’ll have more than two decades of stock market expertise at your service. During that time, we’ve finely tuned our investment strategies, which hugely outperform active mutual funds. Come with us and take control of the tools that will help reap rewards for your retirement nest egg.

Iain's Investment Plan

*Learn how this portfolio was executed

* The performance of the SPA3 Investor equity curve shown above has been achieved by strictly adhering to the SPA3 Investor rules and processes and hence is repeatable. Positions are executed in the market and committed to the portfolio with real money in real-time and include costs associated with investing. Portfolio returns will probably differ when taking into account portfolio size, trade selection and when the portfolio began. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
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