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A Pep Talk we all need now and then

September 1, 2010
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Trading can be a very lonely game. As self investors we tend to internalise our feelings and emotions without sitting back and assessing where, we’re really at.

Recently I was fortunate to be interviewed on JSE Direct – a South African radio program hosted by well respected South African media analyst Simon Brown.

Simon’s interview drove me to divulge what I believe to be the key trait of a successful trader.

This interview is purely educational and I would encourage you to take notes and listen to the recording a second time. I believe the content will help improve the way you look at the market.

Click here to listen to Gary Stone on JSE Direct
13 minutes 16 seconds

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  • Ralph says:

    Just what is needed a check up from the neck up to prevent stickin thinkin the deadliest disease known to man because it leeds to hardening of the attitudes

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