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Our personalised support, training and guidance is designed to turn you from just another market participant into a real investor, someone who is Smarter than the pack!

We have all the resources; education and consulting you need to learn how to trade the markets effectively and with success. Whether you enjoy learning by reading, are more of a visual learner or are someone who prefers hand holding support, our education and support infrastructure is designed to provide you with all the information and personalised support you need to master our products.

Active membership includes:

  • End of Day Data to fuel your trading system
  • Software version upgrades
  • Ongoing stock market research updates
  • Access to stock market education, together with trading systems education
  • “How to” use your trading system video training
  • Unlimited and personalised over the phone support whenever you need it
  • Software and technical email support

Added benefits:

  • Member access to all our customers via the Share Wealth Systems Forum
  • Fortnightly Gary Stone LIVE webinar events
  • Annual Customer user group meetings

So whether you are a first time investor, looking for guidance and support or an experienced trader searching for valuable market insights, we have an all-encompassing service that will help you take control of your investment portfolio.

I truly believe that my team and I deliver some of the most all-inclusive and expert training, education and support offered in the market today. So why not take a walk through of our products and we’ll show you how we go about supporting our customers.

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