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Time the market to ensure you are out for the worst days

June 9, 2015
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Gary Stone was recently interviewed by Better System Trader on why it is important to time the market – not for the best days but to ensure you are out for the worst days.

You can listen to the podcast which includes:

  • The importance of preparation before investing or trading in the share market.
  • The misinformation or lack of information that is provided by mutual funds and managed funds.
  • Why timing is important to keep you out of the market on the worst days. 
  • The technical indicators Gary uses to time the market.
  • The way in which investors can use ETF’s to outperform the vast majority of fund managers using timing techniques.
  • The importance of process and having a big picture perspective when investing and in all aspects of life.

Sit back, relax and enjoy Gary’s insights. Listen to the podcast here.


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5 people like this post.


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