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via the Stock Market.

We help you take the guesswork out of investing so your wealth ​can grow and be well-protected in market downturns.
With ​Share Wealth Systems rules-based ​strategies, you can confidently ​invest more securely & profitably with passive and active strategies that have demonstrated real-money track records of actually working, without spending more than 15 minutes a week on your investing.​

How can we serve you?

Trusted by self-directed investors since 1995:

​“Following the system over all these years has enabled us to financially assist our three children into their initial residential properties. They also have now commenced and have share portfolios of significant value along with another two investment properties. Without the assistance of Gary and his team over the years, we are 100% confident that we would not have been able to attain these results and assist our children in such a manner.”

Michael & Bronwen

“I appreciate what you have provided. It has allowed me to retire at 50 and invest and live with confidence towards the future.”

Scott A

​“No nonsense, clear and good for all levels of investor.”

​Neil T

​“My objective now is to get my two 30-something children to “move their legs” in the same direction before it’s too late. Your course should be a High School, University or College core/compulsory subject. It’s what’s needed by the “ordinary Joe” to get themselves on the right track to achieve a comfortable retirement and obviously, the sooner they start then the easier it’ll be.”

Trevor Lock


Learn about a simple little-known strategy to get far better growth from your investments. Everyday Investors could have secured a 15%+ annual return over 10 years to June 2019 using our method – around double the returns from your average Super or Managed Fund.


​Join the many in the Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club today to learn the “Wait & Win” Strategy, and how to become a skilled and patient investor for the rest of your investing days.


​Get A Structured System & Plan – a fully researched near-passive Investing System with clear Buy & Sell signals. Average trade length is 5.5 months
Improve Returns & Protect Against a Crash - Smash Your Existing Returns ​- ​18%+ p.a. real-money returns over 3.8 years to November 2019. Risk Management to totally cash-up before big market falls accelerate – like 2008, 2002, 1987.

​by Gary Stone

In this stunning revelation of how simple it is to ensure bigger returns on your retirement nest egg and other investments, Gary Stone has eloquently combined more than 25 years of investment and stock market expertise into a book that opens wide doors to dynamic wealth growth, for anyone who can spare just 15 minutes a week.