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Fund Your Long-Term Financial Goals From The Stock Market.

Without complex analysis, research or continuously trying to predict what the market will do.
Take control with data-driven knowledge, skills & techniques.
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Training Investors Since ’95 with Skills & Strategies To Outperform The Market

SWS has had a profound influence on our investment journey from unstructured guesswork to trade selection using the rules based strategy. In addition to online/phone support available whenever needed, SWS also maintains a quality education portal filled with material designed to inform and equip members with the psychological resources to trade the system as it was designed to be traded.

Colin D.Member Since November 1997.

I believe in the system and am in overall profit since I began with SWS in early 2020. SWS has taken the guesswork out of my investing. Having completed the Education Modules, I now have a trading system I believe in and have the mental fortitude to follow it exactly.

Jeremy T.Member Since March 2020.

The SPA Investor method works! Being systematic it takes away the uncertainty of investing and the "human error". The support and communication to investors provides very good help and Beyond Charts is an excellent charting program.

Brian T.Member Since August 2000.

Are you a stock market investor who seems to repeat the same mistakes?

Too many large loss trades or selling stocks that continue to rise?

There are three main obstacles that could be stopping you from achieving market beating returns over the long-term.

You get stuck deciding what stocks to buy and picking the right time to buy them

Most investors focus too much on deciding what & when to buy, causing hesitation & delay. Research shows that what & when you buy has the least effect on long-term performance of a portfolio. And it eats up so much of your precious time…

You are misled by “noise”, resulting in poor, inconsistent decision-making

The stock market is surrounded by “noise” – news stories, analyst opinions, predicitons and other contradicting information leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. “Noise” creates complexity and inconsistency, making it difficult to stay focused on making rational and unemotional decisions.

You succumb to short-term volatility and make unforced errors

Recency bias blinds you from seeing the market ever rising again, causing mistakes that take you off your long-term course. You panic sell and hesitate buying back again, resulting in a continuous cycle of underperformance.

Learn how to enjoy the process & the profits

This data-driven investing approach has generated a 151.89% return* over ~7 years on the ASX, compared to the market rising by 82.59%.

(*returns from 1 Jan 2016 to 28 Feb 2023; excl. flat fee of $85/month & excl. income from franking credits)

Acquire life-long investing skills & knowledge

Grow a portion of your investible capital over the next 7 years by around 50% more than a current investing path. Our real-money portfolio has achieved 83.91% more profit than the ASX200 Accumulation Index over the past 7 years (1 Jan 2016 to 28 Feb 2023). Acquire the tools, skills & knowledge in a matter of weeks to start a journey to achieving similar results.

Learn techniques to block out “noise” and distractions

Master a definitive investing process that focuses on what you can control rather than being side-tracked by doomsayer headlines and sensational opinions.

Remain calm through periods of market uncertainty

Avoid the stress of market uncertainty by learning how to reframe up & down periods in terms of the probabilities of your systemized ‘edge’. Develop understanding, confidence and perspective to embrace all market conditions.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for life.”

The Systemized Investing Program

Everything you need to become a consistently successful and efficient stock market investor.

Invest with Techniques Exploited By World Renown Investors & Coaches…

Discover why the worlds leading investors are taking advantage of the systemized investing effect.

“That’s why I find that my rules-based algorithmic trading, the algorithm is just an expression of my criteria… by having that algorithm operate next to me, in other words I’m doing my decision-making my way, and all my thinking is programmed into the computer so that there’s parallel decision-making going on by the computer,… has been fabulous because that computer ain’t got no emotions…taking the emotions out of it is a real real plus.”

Founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund firm, Bridgewater Associates, which manages $150 billion.

“What I’ve taught people to do over the years, is to use a mechanical system, not only to make money, not only to identify these collective and aggregate patterns,… but to learn accepting risk at the deepest levels of our trading identity, regardless of the conflicts that may arise in any given moment, of any opinions you may have,…

…you will eventually come to the realisation that the outcomes of every single trade is random. …. you really have to believe that at the very core of who you are, and when you do you will be able to execute your trades without any kind of conflict. That’s where you want to get to. That’s when you know you have arrived.”

Author of Trading in the Zone, recognised as THE pre-eminent material on the trading and investing psychology.

Better than subjective investing

You can’t be consistent without being objective.
And you can’t be objective without having a systemized process in place.

Unstructured, Subjective Investing:

You have constant UNCERTAINTY about which stocks to BUY / SELL
You’re always GUESSING how much to invest in each stock, and leave cash on the sidelines
You buy stocks based on TIPS from family, friends, brokers, newsletters and newspapers
You’re always trying to PREDICT the next crash, and you’re unsure what to do when it occurs
You constantly feel DISORGANISED & STRESSED about your portfolio

Systemized, Objective Investing:

You have COMPLETE CLARITY over which stocks to BUY / SELL, and WHEN
AUTOMATED capital allocation means you know exactly how much to invest in each stock, always
You buy / sell stocks based on DATA-DRIVEN CRITERIA
You don’t worry about the next crash, as you have a PLAN IN PLACE to guide you through it
You feel STRUCTURED & CALM about your portfolio because you know you’re in control

Real results from real investors just like you

Our members share their stories.

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Are you ready to transform the way you invest to an efficient and structured approach, where time-consuming analysis and hesitation are left at the door?

Are you prepared to be held accountable and to take control of your investing? Learn to flawlessly execute a Systemized Process by completing the Foundation Training of The Systemized Investing Program. Install and acquire the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills to take control of your financial future.

Can you commit to around 2 hours a month to join (or watch the recordings of) specifically tailored training webinars for 9 months after completing the Foundation Training?

Are you willing to manage your own $50,000+ paper traded (or real-money) portfolio using The Systemized Investing Program tools? And optionally discuss the portfolio openly with Systemized Investing Program attendees to help you and the whole group on their systemized investing learning journey.

Can you spare an additional 15 to 30 minutes a week, on average per portfolio, over a few months to follow the SYSTEMIZED PROCESS to complete 25 closed positions (=50 transactions, 1x Buy & 1x Sell per trade) without deviating from the Process?

Will you commit to documenting your own customized Investment Plan, using a SYSTEMIZED PROCESS template, by the end of the Foundation Training?

Are you a person who takes and accepts responsibility for all their actions?

If you answered “YES” to ALL these questions
then you’re ready to take any of the next three steps…

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A Licensed Australian Financial Services Provider (AFSL: 250900).