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Market Beating Performance

The SPA3 Investor ASX Equal Weighted Stocks Portfolio is a real-money portfolio used to demonstrate the achievable returns on the ASX when following this unique process.

Capital is proportioned equally across a maximum of 9 stock positions at any given time, which are chosen from a list of 40 household name stocks listed on the ASX. Positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis using the entry & exit signals generated by the SPA3 Investor Systemized Process.

Others would have you believe only the pros can successfully time the market. We’ve shown that with the right process, anyone can!

Performance Comparison

Returns are before fees as at 31 December 2022.
Total Return from 1 January 2016.


(13.42% p.a.)


(8.43% p.a.)


11.90% p.a.


7.10% p.a.


6.91% p.a.


5.55% p.a.





Equity Curve

The Real-Money, SPA3 Investor ASX Portfolio was started with $80’000
and has now grown to $193,230.46, as at 31 December 2022.
All trades since 1 January 2016 are available upon request.

Fees & Performance

The SPA3 Investor ASX Portfolio equity curve includes all dividends and brokerage fees. It DOES NOT include franking credits or the flat fees for using SPA3 Investor, viz., $85/month or $900/year.

Why Fees Aren’t Included

Most managed/mutual funds, Super funds etc. charge Percentage Based Fees on Funds Under Management (FUM). Meaning as the value of your investment portfolio increases, so to do the $ fees you pay to these funds.

Conversely, Share Wealth Systems uses a Flat Fee Model, meaning the $ amount you pay for our services (including on-going education, support, buy and sell alerts, software maintenance and improvements, securities data, etc.) does not change as the amount you invest increases.

In this regard, the impact our flat fee has on the returns of a portfolio diminishes as the amount invested increases.

The table below depicts the impact of an $85pm flat fee on portfolio performance with varied amounts of starting capital. The figures are derived from 5 portfolio simulations that mimic (as best as possible) the trades taken to produce the real-money SPA3 Investor ASX Portfolio equity curve shown above (from 1 Jan 2016 to 30 March 2022). Differences in “before fee” figures are due to simulations with larger amounts of starting capital receiving more dividends and having a comparatively greater % of total capital invested in certain individual positions over the life of the portfolio.

Choosing the lesser $900pa fee would further reduce the impact our flat fees have on the annualised returns shown below.

Note: franking credits are NOT included in the performance results shown. For larger portfolios, franking credits can more than offset the ongoing monthly flat fees charged by Share Wealth Systems.

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