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“The defining characteristic that separates the consistent winners from everyone else is this:

The winners have attained a mindset — a unique set of attitudes — that allows them to remain disciplined, focused, and, above all, confident in spite of the adverse conditions.”

– Mark Douglas
Trading in the Zone, Page 7

Without a Mechanical PROCESS, you will either never attain the MINDSET, or it will take you years, even decades.

Our mechanical PROCESS has demonstrated real-money open-book profitability. Using it takes just 15 to 30 minutes a week of your time.

Start acquiring the MINDSET skills Mark Douglas coached for decades…

without having to spend months or years developing a mechanical PROCESS first.

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Everything You Need To Become A Consistent, Confident & More Profitable Investor

Comprehensive Online Education Portal

Access a wealth of valuable resources, including:

  • Mechanical PROCESS training: Master our demonstrated mechanical trading strategy – the foundation to building a winning trading mindset.
  • Intense MINDSET training: Challenge your limiting beliefs and develop a winning trader’s mindset. Learn how to overcome the psychological barriers that hinder many traders from achieving their full potential.
  • Trading in the Zone: Delve into the definitive guide to trading psychology. Uncover the secrets of trading psychology and unlock your true trading potential.
  • Accountability buddy follow-ups: Benefit from the support and guidance of an experienced accountability buddy to stay motivated and focused on your trading goals.
  • Unlimited coaching and support: Enjoy unlimited access to our responsive phone, LiveChat, and email support, whenever required.

Unleash the Mechanical Process with Powerful Charting & Performance Tracking Tools

Analyse the market like a pro: Become a market maestro with our sophisticated charting tools. Easily spot trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions about your investments.

Effortless Portfolio Management at Your Fingertips:Our intuitive portfolio management tools simplify the process of tracking your investments, monitoring performance, and making strategic adjustments to your holdings.

Stay ahead of the game: Receive timely daily alerts, to stay abreast of market conditions and potential opportunities.

Experience the Mechanical PROCESS Seamlessly Integrated into the Share Wealth Systems Alerts App

Take complete control of your investments with our intuitive app, designed to make trading simple and stress-free.

1. Receive Timely BUY & SELL Alerts
Never miss a market opportunity again. Our app delivers daily BUY & SELL alerts directly to your smartphone, ensuring you’re always in the know.

2. Execute Trades with Your Preferred Broker
Follow the BUY & SELL alerts in the Share Wealth Systems alerts app to execute trades with a broker of your choosing. No restrictions.

3. Monitor Your Portfolio for Sell Signals
Stay informed about your portfolio’s performance with our comprehensive portfolio tracking tools. Receive timely sell signals to optimize your investment performance.

Rinse and Repeat: Achieving Investment Success Has Never Been Easier

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FREE 21-Day Trial

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