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The Gary Stone Journal

I love investing. More specifically, I love learning how the market ticks and using that knowledge to outperform it and help self-directed investors do the same…

Even if they have no time or desire to look at market research and charts.

To that end, I created the Share Profit Advantage (SPA3) investing system. At the moment, it has a 22-year track record of verified market-beating results.

I also founded Share Wealth Systems (SWS) in 1995. Through it, my team and I provide the necessary education and knowledge to help people become profitable, peaceful and structured investors.

That’s the main reason why I started this blog too. Every Tuesday I break down a burning investing topic and share ideas that help you improve the way you invest…

And get better results with less stress and engagement.

The cherry on top is that I get to document my investment-related thoughts, which I truly enjoy.

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