What’s Inside SPA3 Investor?

Inside SPA3 Investor is an unambiguous Buy / Sell algorithm that was researched using decades of data up to 2015. From January 2016 the ‘mechanical’ algorithm has been used to live-trade U.S. and ASX portfolios in the public eye with every Buy & Sell published when they were executed. See the Performance webpage for updated results.

A ‘safety net’ is built into SPA3 Investor through its objective Sell signals that will take a portfolio into cash in time to minimise risk to be similar to that of a balanced fund, when severe market falls occur.

With investing activity low at an average of 2.2 completed trades a month, some positions lasting well over a year, index beating performance can be achieved by any investor who uses the algorithm as intended, with less than an hour of effort a week.

What do you get?

Precise Sell & Buy Signals for Stocks & ETFs displayed on charts

Share Wealth Alerts APP for Smartphones & Tablets

Professional Portfolio Management & Technical Analysis Software

Scans, Watchlists, Workspaces, Saved Analyses, Indicators, Formula Scripting Language…

Fully maintained 20-year historical stock database for NYSE, NASDAQ & ARCX exchanges

Live / recorded fortnightly Webinars on Market Status and Coaching

Unlimited Email & Phone Support for all your Questions

Access to the Comprehensive Share Wealth Systems Education Portal

What are the Results?
“My goal was (and still is) to beat the market in my investing activities and I have been doing that consistently using your SPA3 buy signals. The support and educational aspects you offer are also excellent.”
René V.
Member since 8 October 2007
“I have used the software and process for many years and have found that the systems work. Above all, everything is transparent, which cannot be claimed by too many other products.”

Alan M.

Member since 21 January 1997
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Take control of growing & protecting your wealth by accessing this value
  • $114,876 profit ~ returned by the SPA3 Investor product over 5.2 years in a real-money managed portfolio that started with $70,000.
        o  This is over 20% annualized return achieved by the SPA3 Investor USA Portfolio that Share Wealth Systems manages as a fully auditable portfolio – since 1 Jan 2016. Compared to the S&P500 Total Return Index of around 16% annualized return over the same period.
        o  The absolute dollar return will be higher or lower based on your starting portfolio size, and over how many years you run your portfolio
  • Additional value ~ A fully documented SPA3 Investor Investment Plan for slow and steady investing that wins the race.
        o  Saving you multiple 100s of hours in gaining the knowledge and then 10s of hours to actually write such a Plan
  • Additional value ~ unlimited phone and email support from the Share Wealth Systems team
  • Additional value ~ fortnightly live Connect & Grow webinars keeping you up-to-date with the markets and receiving up-to-date training & coaching
  • Additional value ~ access to the comprehensive Share Wealth Systems online Education Portal
SPA3 Investor Includes Membership to The Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club
  • Additional value ~ Access to the complete 15-Module “How to Avoid a Mid-retirement Crisis” online course
  • Additional value ~ Nest Egg Alert calculations to show where your retirement savings may be headed – saving you hours & hours of researching this yourself
  • Additional value ~ A fully-documented “Wait & Win” passive Investment Plan to deploy in your Core Portfolio
Over $100,000 of SPA3 Investor value for
$2,295 USD

Was achievable from 1 January 2016 to 15 March 2021.
*Less ongoing membership of $85 per month or $900 per annum.

Steps to Know when to Sell, what,  when & How much to Buy
  • Buy SPA3 Investor
  • Use your unlimited support & coaching from the Share Wealth team and the online Education Centre to create YOUR customized INVESTMENT PLAN
  • Start executing your SPA3 Investor system, which has achieved 20%+ annualised returns since January 2016
SPA3 Investor Quality Guarantee
  • Overcome confusion and doubt about when to Buy or Sell with a documented SPA3 Investor Investment Plan
  • No longer feel hesitant and uncertain about managing a stock market portfolio
  • Learn to become consistent, confident and skilled in the stock market
  • Transparent access to the Share Wealth real-money live-traded "On-display" Portfolios
  • Unlimited access to the Share Wealth Support Team by phone, email etc, forever…
  • Money Back Guarantee* after purchase if you are dissatisfied with SPA3 Investor in any way
*We will refund your original purchase price, less $400 for associated
Administration, Software and Data establishment costs.
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