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Investing System to Skill You to Know When to Sell & Buy and When to be 100% Cashed Up

Become a Coolheaded & Skilled Investor * Achieve 13%+ p.a. Long-Term Returns
* Grow Your Wealth * Protect Your Wealth

Rigorously Researched System

Structured & Efficient Process

Competent & Profitable Investor

How Can You Know What To Do When The Next Stock Market Crash Comes?

  • Is the stock market confusing, complicated or intimidating?
  • Are you worried about the next stock market crash, like 2008, 2002 and 1987?
  • Is it time to complement your investing with a structured system?
  • Have your annualized returns been >13% over the last 3.6 years to August 2019?
  • Are you paying more than 0.3% p.a. in TOTAL fees to others?
  • Want to be cool, calm & collected knowing what to do, no matter what the market does?

The Investing Strategies You Deploy NOW,
Will Determine How Well You Grow & Protect Your Wealth into the Future

“I am a profitable trader. I am my own fund manager now, including my Super.
I am staying above the curve. I feel confident. I would not be in this position without Share Wealth Systems. Thankyou.”

Wayne N.
Customer since 31 August 2015
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10

“I have used the software and process for many years and have found that the systems work.
Above all, everything is transparent, which cannot be claimed by too many other products.”
Alan M.
Customer since 21 January 1997
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10


Get A Structured System & Plan

SPA3 Investor – a fully researched near-passive Investing System with clear Buy & Sell signals.
Average trade length is 5.5 months

Get Trained on the Tools & Processes To
Execute SPA3 Investor

How to start then continue your investing journey. A comprehensive online education and training portal.
Technical Analysis & Portfolio Management software. Your questions answered promptly – unlimited SUPPORT.

Improve Returns & Protect Against a Crash

Smash Your Existing Returns from +- 7.5% p.a. to 13%+ p.a. over the long term.
Risk Management to totally cash-up before big market falls accelerate – like 2008, 2002, 1987.


Have questions? Call 18003921257

SPA3 Investor Helps Investors take Decisive and
Precise Actions in the Stock Market



Have questions? Call 18003921257

“Every aspect of investing has been covered in an easy to understand process. It has helped me immensely and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is wanting to learn how to invest. Even my own kids. Many thanks to you all in putting this system together.”

Jeffrey S.
Customer since 27 June 2014
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10

“I believe in your research and philosophy. You and your team are accessible to all of us. You and your team are always striving to improve your system. I know that if wanted to communicate with you personally that all I have to do is contact you.”

Boyd P.
Customer since 8 April 1999
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10

“It is the best technical analysis based research, analysis and overall market information available, in my opinion.”

Keith L.
Customer since 26 November 2010
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10

What Others Are Saying About SPA3 Investor

What’s My Investment for SPA3 Investor?

How many $10,000s have returns below SPA3 Investor 17% p.a. cost you over 3.6 years to August 2019?

How confused, hesitant & doubtful do you feel about how to invest?

Would you like to overcome the “noise” of the stock market and be a competent & skilled investor for the long-haul?

Would you like to fall in love with your investing again?

Would you like to be eager to see how your portfolio performs, regardless of what the stock market does?

Would you like to know EXACTLY when to cash-up before the next market crash accelerates – like October 2008?

Would you like to overcome the doomsayer ‘noise’ and remain invested while the market continues rising higher & higher?

What’s Inside SPA3 Investor?

 Precise Sell & Buy Signals for Stocks & ETFs

 Share Wealth Alerts APP for Smartphones & Tablets

Professional Portfolio Management & Technical Analysis Software

 Scans, Watchlists, Workspaces, Saved Analyses, Indicators, Formula Scripting Language…

 Fully maintained 20-year historical stock database for ASX, NYSE & NASDAQ

Live / recorded fortnightly Webinars on Market Status and Coaching

Unlimited Email & Phone Support for all your Questions

 Access to the Comprehensive Share Wealth Education Portal

Join the Share Wealth fold of profitable self-directed investors and become a skilled and competent stock market out-performer

Take control of growing & protecting your wealth by accessing this SPA3 Investor value
SPA3 Investor Includes Membership to The Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club
  • $1,250 value ~ Access to the complete 15-Module “How to Avoid a Mid-retirement Crisis” online course
  • $1,997 value ~ Nest Egg Alert calculations to show where your retirement’s headed – saving you hours & hours of researching this yourself
  • $1,997 value ~ A fully-documented “Wait & Win” passive Investment Plan to deploy in your Core Portfolio


Over $70,000 of SPA3 Investor value

$1,895 USD

Yes, I Want To Join the
Share Wealth Fold With SPA3 Investor

Steps to Know when to Sell, what & when to Buy and How much to Buy

  • Buy SPA3 Investor
  • Use your unlimited support & coaching from the Share Wealth team and the online Education Centre to create YOUR customized INVESTMENT PLAN
  • Start executing your SPA3 Investor system to achieve 13%+ annualized returns over the long term

SPA3 Investor Quality Guarantee

  • Overcome confusion and doubt about when to Buy or Sell with a documented SPA3 Investor Investment Plan
  • No longer feel hesitant and uncertain about managing a stock market portfolio
  • Learn to become consistent, confident and skilled in the stock market
  • Transparent access to the Share Wealth real-money live-traded Public Portfolios
  • Unlimited access to the Share Wealth Support Team by phone, email etc, forever…
  • Get a 100% Full Refund anytime within 30 days after purchase if you are dissatisfied with SPA3 Investor in anyway


Have questions? Call 18003921257

Questions That Other Investors Are Asking

At around 8pm you’ll receive an alert on your App and the data will be available on your PC to check. If there are any buy and sell signals for the following day they will be available at this time.

We offer unlimited phone, email and in office support so we can help you set up your portfolio and support you with any questions you have along the journey. We really are here to help you every step of the way.

The great thing with SPA3 Investor is that anyone with an Android device, iPhone, iPad or PC and a desire to control their money in the stock market can do it. As we’ve done all the research and send you the alerts, all you need to do is follow the process. It’s great for beginners that need guidance or experienced investors looking to cut down on the time they’d usually spend analyzing stocks.

That’s fine. The Alerts show on the App for 5 days and on the charts within your installed software permanently.

The Share Wealth Alerts App is great while traveling so you can access your alerts from anywhere in the world you have your smart device and an internet connection.

Yes, there is a 100% money back guarantee. We ask that you let us know within 30 days of enrollment that you would like to enact this guarantee and we’ll gladly give you your money back. Simply email the Support email address that you will be provided with after enrolling.

You can either ask a question by calling the office, using our websites live chat facility or you can email our team with the dedicated support email address that you are provided with after you enroll. You will typically get a response on the same day and seldom beyond 24 hours.

A current 25 year old needs to earn 9.5% p.a. (10.25% in Australia due to contributions tax) whilst saving 9.5% of their wage for 40 years.

Earning the Industry average of 7.5% p.a. will leave them over $1 Million short for a comfortable and independent retirement.

How does your nest egg stack up?

1. Enter the current balance of your retirement nest-egg
2. Enter in your current annual contributions (eg. 9.5% of your annual wage)
3. Enter in your expected annual salary increase
4. Enter in your expected annual investment return
5. Enter in how many years until you want to retire


Have questions? Call 18003921257