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SPA3 Investor Gets You Into Cash in Falling Markets and Into the Market When it Rises…
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What Others Are Saying About SPA3 Investor
“Follow the RULES and your expectations will be met.”
Graeme G.
Member since 24 December 2010
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“Love the rigor and logic of the systems involved”
Mike S.
Member since 26 February 2002
Likelihood of Recommending: 9/10
“It is a well-structured and easy to understand trading system that everybody should be aware of.”
Mark F.
Member since 8 November 2018
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“Clear logical easy to use system and excellent value for money.”
Adrian P.
Member since 10 June 2016
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“Has helped me keeping my head above water financially in the stock market. Integrity and honesty.”
Allan L.
Member since 10 February 1999
Likelihood of Recommending: 8/10
“Actionable, accurate analysis leading to higher performance that I have personally witnessed!”
Geoff M.
Member since 14 August 2014
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“It is a mechanical non-discretionary system which is proven to have an edge and is continually being improved with tested research. Also a high level of education on how to use the system for maximum success.”
Peter J.
Member since 24 February 2012
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
“Every aspect of investing has been covered in an easy to understand process. It has helped me immensely and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is wanting to learn how to invest. Even my own kids. Many thanks to you all in putting this system together.”
Jeffrey S.
Member since 27 June 2014
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
 “I believe in your research and philosophy. You and your team are accessible to all of us. You and your team are always striving to improve your system. I know that if wanted to communicate with you personally that all I have to do is contact you.”
Boyd P.
Member since 8 April 1999
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
 “It is the best technical analysis based research, analysis and overall market information available, in my opinion.”
Keith L.
Member since 26 November 2010
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10
 “I have used the SWS trading software now for a long time. I have learnt to follow my trading system developed using SPA, and it has turned out to be very successful.””
Trevor B.
Member since 3 December 2001
Likelihood of Recommending: 10/10

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