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Mechanical Trading Podcast

By November 5, 2008February 20th, 2024EDGE Thinking, Uncategorized

This week, for something a little different, I have provided a link to a Podcast I did with Louise Bedford.

In this Podcast Louise and I discuss the benefits of using a mechanical system for trading the markets. In it, we discuss how a mechanical trading system can give you a clear edge to become a profitable trader instead of just an ‘also ran’ like the majority of traders – Particularly those using discretionary methods in their attempts to be profitable. Coupled with this, I explain the use of a mechanical trading system or methodology to give you a mathematical edge to outperform the overall market index, and how a full understanding of positive expectancy, win: loss ratios, position sizing, and money management will allow you to trade with consistency and thus profit from your trading activities.

I also explain the difference between a ‘black box’ trading system, and the open and transparent nature of the SPA3 trading system. Unlike a typical commercially available ‘black box’ system where the entry and exit formulas are protected by the system developer, SPA3 signals are available for everyone to read and understand.

Louise discusses her trading journey and how the shift to mechanical trading allowed her to become consistently profitable after many years of hard work and inconsistent results when using a discretionary approach. Louise encourages listeners to employ the use of a repeatable system with consistent performance results and to follow the rules of the system if they wish to be truly successful and profitable traders.

Also available with the podcast is a free Discovery Session DVD that was recorded in August 2008. The DVD explains in more detail SPA’s mathematical edge. If you haven’t yet viewed the DVD, click the link on the right to register for your copy.

I hope you enjoy the podcast which can be accessed by clicking the play button below.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback and trust you gain further insight into the benefits of a mechanical approach to engaging the markets from listening to the podcast.


  • Ralph says:

    What an interesting conversation it brings home many of the facts that are sometimes brushed over. The thing that impresses me about your trading systems is that you state the rules up front so your published results are true there is nowhere to hide what you see is what you get warts and all.
    Keep up the good work

  • Anne Gunst says:

    I can’t open the podcast. Says it’s either corrupt or incorrect file type.

    Any solutions?

  • Sean Baker says:


    I’m not sure of the issue. I have just clicked on the podcast and it works perfectly fine.

    I will have Karl email it to you tomorrow and hopefully it will work.


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