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Gary and I have known each other for years: we met, of all things, playing cricket against each other. I was running Personal Investment magazine at the time in the mid 1990’s and we quickly found a spot for Gary and his stock-picking techniques. Over the years Gary has evolved his business and his skills, but his quest has always remained to same: allow individual investors to have the same tools and mindset as the professionals.

Ross Greenwood has covered finance and business matters both in Australia and around the world for almost 30 years. Currently business and finance editor of the Nine Network’s Today show, Ross was also co-host of Nine's former flagship current affairs program, SUNDAY.

I’ve known Gary Stone since the early 90s. Quite simply he is a trading systems design expert and I have every respect for the way he approaches the markets. Watching him help his clients become top traders has been one of the highlights of my trading career. The corner-stone of our friendship has always been our shared values regarding commitment to excellence in trading and our commitment to seeing our clients prosper.

As one of Australia’s best-selling authors on the share market, Louise Bedford’s books include ‘Trading Secrets’, ‘Charting Secrets’, ‘The Secret of Candlestick Charting’ and ‘The Secret of Writing Options’. Louise is also the co founder of ‘The Trading Game.

I have been a customer of Share Wealth Systems since 2004. I trade their SPA3 and SPA3CFD systems. I have not known a company so dedicated to the success of their customers as Share Wealth Systems. At the head of the team is Gary Stone. His in depth knowledge and understanding of trading systems is second to none. His honesty and willingness to share this knowledge with his customers is exceptional.

Constant sophisticated research ensures that customers receive continued improvements to the systems traded. Any contact with Share Wealth Systems is treated with efficient respect, courtesy and a desire to resolve any question that may be put, regardless of who may pick up the phone.

If you are contemplating trading a SWS system, you can be assured of all the support and ongoing education required to
make a success of your trading.
Gary Stone and Share Wealth Systems have developed an extraordinary trading system and methodology that provides me
with a structured, yet highly flexible, framework within which to trade safely and confidently - tightly incorporating the two
vital trading elements that I'd been looking for since I first started trading, risk and money management.

For the first time as a trader, I've been able to trade without having to worry & fret constantly because I didn't trust my
judgement in terms of entry/exit signals, timing, position sizing and risk management.

Having this level of confidence using a proven system, was the only way I was going to come back into the market after my last
unsuccessful foray. That, coupled with tremendous training, support and guidance from Gary and the others at SWS, means
I can actually start enjoying it again!

Thank you Gary & everyone at SWS.
Over the last 6 years our faith and trust in those managing money - at all levels - has been regularly tested and then shattered -
so working with the guys at Share Wealth Systems is a "rock" in my trading journey.

They are so very open with their research, systems and knowledge. There is no "black box" here. I have been an SWS customer,
trading both a personal account and a SMSF account - equities and CFDs, for well over 10 years and will gladly tell anyone that
they are unmatched, in my experience. The systems are comprehensive - not just entry and exit signals - but the management
and reporting which is not considered in most other systems (in fact I don't know of any). And as is evident through the regular
improvements, due to the detailed research SWS perform and share with their customers, always looking to evolve for better

I challenge anyone to find an organisation that will - for a small one off cost - provide the continuing education, product
improvement and personal assistance that help us on a day-to-day basis in this crazy trading world we choose.
Purchased SPA3 in Aug 2011 and have been learning and following an 80K Paper Trial ever since. With the initial purchase price
and ongoing fee's accounted for I have achieve a 15.65% Return on capital Invested with a 9.33% Compounded annual return.
At the start it was a bit daunting, trying to understand how to interpret the markets and shares in general. The Members
Education centre has helped enormously with my understanding, especially enjoyed the video presentations which were
pitched just right for my level of experience which I might add was nonexistent. I am now at a stage to actually start trading
with 100K initial investment, with a view to create future wealth at a good sustainable level. Well done to Gary and his SWS
team for making the learning process much easier.
I have been with SWS since 2001 and in those early days there were lots of hands on analysis and much time required daily to
determine the systems’ buy and sell signals. The simple scans we now run each night that take just a few minutes are a far cry
from the early days.

What continually impresses me about SWS is the dedication to on-going improvement of their systems; both from a process
and performance basis. Changes and updates have occurred on a regular basis over the past 10 years and mostly added for
little or no charge.

I have recently set up my own Self Managed Super Fund (not happy with other people’s returns) and 50% of my SMSF is now
invested using SWS’s SPA3 strategy, such is my belief in the system’s edge. My perception has always been that Gary Stone and
the team at SWS really do care about the success of their customers and I have seen this consistently during my time with
SWS. Great service, education, research and on-going support have always been part of the package.
Several years ago Gary asked me to give a presentation at a conference he was hosting for his customers on Hamilton Island.
I accepted and had a wonderful time. I found Gary and his organization to be very professional and operate with a high level
of integrity. Since then, he and I have developed a very good working relationship and I'm very happy to say that we have also
become good friends.

Mark Douglas is recognised as one of the premier stock market Psychology coaches in the world today. His International best selling
books include "The Disciplined Trader" and "Trading in the Zone".
Gary and the team at Share Wealth Systems possess an incredible wealth of knowledge on trading system design and
development. They are constantly researching and innovating to find the most practical and effective approach to trading. As a
result of this, their SPA3 trading system is accessible to all investors and incorporates some of the best research into trading
methodology, risk management and portfolio management being done anywhere in the industry today

Carl Capolingua is the Head of Education at the ‘Australian Stock Report’. His current role as Head of Education sees him coordinating a
team of professional traders to deliver ‘Australian Stock Report’s’ numerous educational workshops.
The landscape of share trading has changed over the last five years, such that the retail investor is disadvantaged by not having
systems and processes that can keep up with the market movers. The logic behind SWS trading rules is sound, and the software
behind SWS gives you the tools to jump in and out of the market.

SWS has taught me to try and trade unemotionally, blending objective fundamentals with subjective graph trends - that's when
you need entry and exit points! Experience has shown that although my stock choices might be valid, my timing is often terrible.
I recommend SWS to people wanting to be more active in the market - and return a profit!
I have been a Share Wealth Systems (formerly Sharefinder) customer since 2000 when I set up our SMSF whilst working full time.
Before joining up with Gary and his crew, I reviewed ALL trading systems and platforms available and was particularly taken with
his enthusiasm, honesty and commitment to the development of the SPA3 trading system, processes and money management
involved in active investment.

Gary and his team do not give financial advice or tell us what shares to buy, but he gives us the tools to make our own investment
decisions and supports us with information, his own experience (and learning's), ongoing R & D a great team of people, always
ready to help.

I have been a customer with Gary and SWS through many developments in the refinement of SPA3 and many UPS and DOWNS
in the market. It is particularly important to me to see Gary's focus on R & D and the psychology of trading as an integral part of
active investment. These are invaluable assets which Gary and his team provide freely so that we can learn and grow that much

I am still growing and still learning. Two things I am very happy to be doing at my age and very thankful that Gary and his team
are there to help.

Many Thanks to ALL at SWS!!
I have been an SWS customer using SPA3 for equities for the past 4.5+ years.

I initially signed up for two reasons;
a) because I was contemplating doing some of my own trading system development and figured that I’d learn a lot by becoming
familiar first hand with an already developed commercially available one, and
b) I was impressed with the openness, wisdom and apparent honesty and integrity of the man behind it all – one Gary Stone.

Since becoming involved I have learned an absolute bucket load of great practical trading information, and grown considerably
as a trader along the way. Having a mechanical trading system does not make you a mechanical trader; it merely provides you
with the tools to enable you to become one, should you choose to do so.

Over and above the direct instructional material on how to implement and use the SWS systems, there is an amazing amount
of supplementary educational and highly relevant material available for those who have a hunger to learn more. This alone has
been a major bonus. Co-incidentally, the support that comes from the SWS office staff is nothing short of brilliant. They are
responsive, ever obliging and always helpful – which is an oft quoted comment by many SWS customers.

Now that I’ve been 4.5+ years as an SWS customer, I’ve set aside any personal ambition to develop my own proprietary fully
fledged trading system (there’s a darn sight more involved to do it properly than at first seems the case). And my initial
impressions about openness, honesty, integrity, etc. have only been reinforced many times over. The most recent example
of this being a considerable modification to SPA3 that was introduced in December 2011 – some aspects of which challenged
people’s beliefs (including those at SWS) about certain trading conventional wisdoms. And when it comes to risk management
and money management research, development and implementation, both the nature and the extent of the work that has
been done (and implemented in Sept.’12) is surely quantum and mind blowing – and certainly unparalleled with anything else
that I’ve come across as a private retail trader.

From one ever appreciative SWS customer.
have been a Share Wealth Systems (SWS) customer for 10+ years.

Integrity, honesty, and commitment describe Gary Stone the person. I continue to be impressed with his trading knowledge,
skill sets, and his continued willingness to share them with his customers. In addition, Gary has developed a team at SWS that
extends his reach to the extent that whenever you speak to SWS, it does not matter to whom you speak, you receive the same
friendly commitment.

SWS are committed to continued research, supported by extensive back testing and shares the outcomes with its customers
and as a consequence, our knowledge and skill sets continue to be enhanced.

If you really want to trade the share market, I have no hesitation in recommending SWS even if your current knowledge is limited.
The team will provide you with all the support and education to enable you to understand the many facets of the trading world
and become a successful trader who continues to outperform the ALL Ords.
Help desk support for basic GPS and Trademaster systems is nothing short of fantastic. Nothing is too much of a problem and the
guys are really experts in the product they support. Karl and Shane are outstanding. Thanks
Gary Stone possesses multiple capacities which make him uniquely qualified. About five years ago I worked with Gary as a
consultant and as a speaker at a lengthy Share Wealth Systems conference in Thailand. Later we also collaborated during
conferences in Adelaide and San Francisco. Throughout that relationship I have observed Gary interacting with his clients and
members of his SWS team as well as developing and improving trading systems. In all the foregoing instances, Gary exhibited
both a high level of technical expertise and an equally high level of sensitivity and respect for the people around him.

Gary Stone’s passion for the success of Share Wealth Systems and everyone associated with SWS radiates in every direction.
Gary’s enterprise embodies the full meaning of the words, “Share the Wealth.”

I believe that the nature and level of the research conducted by SWS is unparalleled in the world of equities trading for private
investors. Indeed, the quality and the comprehensiveness of SWS research have raised the bar for systems providers and
money managers around the globe. This largely reflects the commitment of Gary Stone and his associates to the continuous
quality improvement of the SWS methodology.

Most recently, Gary and his team have undertaken an SPA 3 project aimed at enhancing the profit performance, the risk control
and the tradability of portfolios valued at $25,000, $100,000 and $400,000. I find the painstaking thoroughness expended in
examining each class of portfolio impressive. Based upon his extensive experience and research, Gary concluded that the key
variable in portfolio performance was the position size of a trade. Consequently, the SPA 3 system tailors the position size
depending upon a trader’s level of capital, risk tolerance, and his/her trading knowledge and skill.

Gary and his team have been stretching the boundaries of research on trading. To arrive at the appropriate position sizing, I’ve
observed Gary and his team undertake an exhaustive number and range of very unique exploratory simulations. These
simulations are unusual in the money management industry; they help SWS to empirically balance risk and reward to determine
trades that are understandable, reliable and useful to the novice and the sophisticated trader alike.

Professor Hank Pruden, Ph.D, is Professor of Business and Executive Director of the Institute for Technical Market Analysis (ITMA) at the Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Hank is also the author of “The three skills of top trading”.
have known Gary since the early 1990s, when I was editor of the Stock Exchange Journal (SXJ), the predecessor of the highly
successful Shares magazine. Gary approached me with the idea of using the ShareFinder system (as it was then known) to
identify a stock portfolio that the magazine would track. The ShareFinder portfolio proved such a popular feature of the
magazine; we kept it when we launched Shares in November 1996. Since then I have enjoyed both a professional and personal
relationship with Gary and have been honoured to present at several Share Wealth Systems conferences. I am a strong
advocate for people being given access to information, education and tools to enable them to take charge of their investment
future if they so wish, and I believe the products and approach of Share Wealth Systems - and Gary in particular - are a force for
good in this regard. Gary is a passionate educator, delighted to share the information and experience he has built up over many
decades of participation in the markets - and I believe he has developed a very good product.

James Dunn is a freelance finance journalist and media consultant. James also authored ‘Share Investing for Dummies’ and ‘Getting Started in Shares for Dummies’. James’ media commitments span across, print, radio and television.

With regard to Share Wealth Systems I have been at first, Suspicious, Sceptical, and Confused. Followed by being amazed, grateful
and full of praise and admiration for the work, effort, support and commitment that Gary and his team offer their customers.
Having tried trading the stock market in the past and having burnt my fingers, I tried managed funds and that was not a great
success either. I wanted to take control of my investments but didn’t have enough faith in the trading tools that were on the
market - until a friend pointed me towards Share Wealth Systems.

I researched Share Wealth Systems for sometime, spoke to some of their customers and realised that they were unique in their
field. Their trading system (SPA3) is excellent, better researched than most (if not all) and the support, mentoring and training
that they offer is absolutely second to none.

I am a relative new customer but I look forward to a long and profitable association. I would be happy to recommend Share
Wealth Systems to anyone thinking seriously about trading as a means of self-directed wealth management.
Thank you Gary and the team at Share Wealth Systems! I am very impressed with the level of service and support. The software
is highly recommended. It has saved me time and money. I welcome Gary's insight into the share market. He demonstrates in
depth knowledge, clarity and experience in trading.
Gary Stone and his team are an exceptional group of people. Since SPA3 started as an idea that Gary Stone wanted to develop
and share with his customers, I can only say that I am amazed at where this journey of Gary’s has taken me and the other SWS
members. Through Gary’s effort and sharing approach, I have been able to learn and come to understand trading concepts that
I would never have encountered if my trading system were limited to my abilities and resources.

There are few companies that invest so much of their budget into research and development of their products. And there is no
doubt in my mind that the openness of the research process is an important aspect for engendering confidence in the mind
of the user.

Over many years, the SWS team has always been cheerful and helpful in their dealings with me and my sometimes trivial
problems. I have never felt embarrassed or hesitant to call SWS for help or advice with my use of the SWS packages.

I can recommend the SWS platforms to anyone who has a sincere interest in investing in the share market by trading in an
informed way as opposed to listening to ‘ideas’ and then becoming lost in the market. The friendly environment provided by
SWS ensures that members will have an enjoyable, informative and rewarding experience providing they are willing to
understand and follow the system rules..
It's been a pleasure to know Gary and his team for a number of years, both personally and professionally. Apart from offering a
great product, they operate on a mandate of strong client support, stringent ongoing research and a strong willingness to help
DIY traders achieve investment success within a strict risk management regime. Whilst investing manifests in different ways to
different people, success in the markets unquestionably requires a mathematical edge and SWS ensures their clients are on the
right side of the expectancy curve.

Nick Radge is a professional trader, educator and author - who has been trading and investing since 1985. Nick consults to financial
planners and accountants on trading and investment strategies for their clients and is the founder of ‘The Chartist’.
Trading success comes from having a mechanical approach to the markets that removes emotion from the trading environment
and replaces it with a mathematical edge. This edge, if followed and applied rigorously will reap rewards for traders and investors
alike over extended periods of time, despite the ups and downs of the markets, if they have the confidence to continually apply
the strategy with discipline and patience. The confidence to do this comes from trusting the system, or methodology, being traded.
Trusting the system comes from knowing that the methodology being applied is both sound and the product of rigorous and
thorough research. Gary and the team at SWS are meticulous in the research and development of trading systems with proven
performance over many years and a wide variety of market conditions. I have had the pleasure of working with Gary and the team
over many years and am always impressed by their professionalism, their depth of knowledge, and their commitment to helping
traders and investors. They are a great team professionally and personally.

Kel Butcher is a professional trader with over 20 years experience in financial markets. Kel is an author of three trading books, has
contributed to two others and is a regular contributor to various journals and magazines on trading and investing.
I continue to choose SPA3 as a key part of my overall investment strategy as it provides a proven edge that can be customised to
meet my own individual reward objectives and risk profile, supported by comprehensive, fully transparent research that enables
me to make informed choices
As a self-funded retiree, it places me in the situation where the performance of my investments dictates the quality of my lifestyle.

As a share market investor of over 15 years standing, I can say that I think I've seen most of it, yet the fascinating thing is that as
time progresses you find that there is always more to learn - much more in fact. What I appreciate about the attitude of the SWS
team is that they embrace this learning approach as a philosophy and strive towards improving the performance of their products
in a way that makes being one of the intended beneficiaries of that approach a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Everyone knows that the last 5 years or so have been extremely tough in the markets and it is not guaranteed that the next 5
years will compensate for the disappointments of the recent past, so for one thing, a robust trading methodology is therefore
of course of the utmost importance.

In that sense it is my belief that in concrete terms the last 2 white papers delivered by SWS have been very significant milestone
achievements along that journey. The straw-broom charts especially express in stark terms just how the varying of certain
parameters will influence performance of a portfolio over time. This I believe is educational material of the highest order and a
succinct demonstration of the value and quality of their research. Many thanks to all involved for what I believe is a major
achievement just on its own. I also am a user of Incredible Charts, but apart from a hobbyist level of involvement with its tools
only currently use it for its outstanding graphical performance.
I have been trading using Share Wealth Systems products for 12 years and have nothing but the highest praise for the help
and training they have provided over this time. The training provided not only guides you in the buying and selling of shares
but also provides assistance with the total package required for successful share investing. IE; A good trading plan, money and
risk management plan.

After investigating several investment systems, what really attracted me to Share Wealth Systems was the fact that they were
prepared to operate a public portfolio which is a true test of any system.

I also cannot speak highly enough of the staff who are courteous and knowledgeable and are easy to contact by phone.
Hello Gary & team. I purchased SPA3 back when it was ShareFinder and after a couple of attempts I have now returned,
hopefully with more vigour - I must admit the educational video's have greatly improved since inception and I commend Karl
& the team for their efforts in reference to the educational material.
Joining the Share Wealth Systems community has been the most useful move I have made since beginning investing.

After 'paper trading' for a while I began using the SPA3 system with moderate results, although this period of sideways trending
has been challenging. However the detailed technical analysis provided by SWS has enabled me to develop a different approach
during these times, using their proprietary charts.

This has enabled me to make profitable trades during sideways trends and to exit before significant downward movements
occur. Overall, the best thing about SWS is that it provides clear exit signals (the hardest thing to master in investing). In addition
to the investment benefits, the support provided by the SWS team is second to none. Queries and problems regarding investing
or the software are addressed immediately and thoroughly whether made by phone or email.
Dear Gary, in more than a year of receiving The Gary Stone Journal, I have never read anything that I didn't agree with, that
wasn't consistent and true, and I know exactly where you are coming from. I believe that what you have written here today is
the Gospel of Trading. It is the whole story reduced to one page. If every trader/investor believed absolutely what you have
written here, and practised it, they would all make money consistently. Unfortunately for them, they don't believe it or
internalise it. Out of all the books and blogs and newsletters I have read over the years of my trading life, you and Mark
Douglas are the champions!
Frank Rooney, VIC (Customer Since 2009)
Hi Gary and team,

I use SPA3 to manage 3 separate trading portfolios, a Self Managed Super Fund which is > $250K, a personal portfolio < $100K and a company portfolio also < $100k. Because of the different size portfolios the current changes to SPA3 will be a huge benefit to me.

From the minute I got SPA3 and started using it I liked every thing about it. The coaching, documentation and support has been fantastic, particularly the support which I have had to use on several occasions, it is the best I have ever come across in many years of dealing with various companies and people.

I never give a perfect score as I feel there is always room for improvement, as you have demonstrated over the years with the changes you have made, but I rate you very highly and have no hesitation in recommending you to potential users.

At this stage I have no criticisms or ideas as to how you could improve the program or service but if any come to mind I'll let you know as you or a team member are always easy to contact and talk to.

The share market will always be the share market, unpredictable and never give any guarantees as to where it will go but I feel confident using SPA3. Just continue with the good work and service.
Robert Herrick, VIC (Customer Since 2002)
I have been trading stocks and options for ten years in Australia and the USA. I have no affiliation to Share Wealth Systems whatsoever, but I have used their products almost from the beginning.

What they have developed is truly astounding. I have never seen or used another system that can produce the results that SPA3 can. The latest iteration of SPA3 is simply fantastic and makes trading easy, particularly in: Finding good quality trades, setting trade allocations, knowing when to exit trades, Managing Risk and Portfolio Management.

The trading edge the system offers does work and if you are trading for a living or managing your own super fund like I do, then you should seriously consider using this system. .
Jamie Morgan, QLD (Customer Since 2011)
I can honestly say that SWS truly have their clients trust. I for one appreciate the work that Gary and his team put in. Not only does it take the hard work out of investing as most of us have other jobs but it’s very educational. You won't be disappointed.
Geoff Dober, VIC (Customer Since 2000)
I have been a customer and SPA3 user for our SMSF for over 11 years.

It is easy to be impressed by the quality and depth of research that has been continuously refined by Gary and his team, often with major enhancements. The research and testing gives confidence that allows you to trade without fearing a loss.

The SPA system is robust and works consistently to outperform the All Ords by a significant amount.
Greg Gower, WA (Customer Since 2012)
Having been an active investor for around 15 years, I was wary of "mechanical" trading systems. After managing to overcome my ego and thoroughly investigate the SPA3 system, I realised that every aspect of it made sense and that if I had the skills to put together a total trading system, it would be a system like SPA3.

Choosing to buy and use this system, along with the insights and knowledge that I've gained from the system itself and the ongoing support and education from Share Wealth Systems, has been the best decision I've made in my trading career. This is a robust, proven system that works, the software is reliable, and Gary and his team work constantly to improve every aspect of it. I highly recommend it.
Lewes Golden, WA (Customer Since 2008)
The level of personal service I have received from SWS, along with their normal support has been excellent. Also, they have done a huge amount of research and testing to make sure their SPA system is as profitable as possible. There is also a large emphasis on training traders to improve their psychology and mechanical trading. All in all it instils a lot of confidence that if we trade with SPA and follow our rules we will be successful.
Malcolm Cramb, QLD (Customer Since 2010)
I have been investing for many years and I can honestly say that the Share wealth systems team programmes are the best I have ever come across. The daily alerts, the information available, and the wonderful freely given help that is always at hand are a boon for an oldie like me. Also Gary and his team never stop working to improve the formulas used, always with the aim of increasing our returns and reducing our risk. What more could you ask for.
Neville Harris, QLD (Customer Since 1998)
14 years of successful investment strategies from the SWS Team has provided a good pension and maintained the capital base. The methodologies are user friendly. On the odd occasion assistance/ training is required, the Education Centre provides the answers. For the impatient, a phone call to the Help Desk has the problem solved very quickly. Free upgrades and friendly service make the system “a must have”.
Klaus Wiegel, VIC (Customer Since 2008)
In addition to the SWS software with the buying and selling signals with positive result expectations and the always regular up-to-date market updates via newsletters and online eUGMs I find the customer service exceptional. Any question or request will be answered in a very timely fashion (often immediately) and/or forwarded to the most appropriate expert in the company. It is very difficult to find other companies in Australia with a similar high-quality and timely customer service.
Sze Kiat Tang, QLD (Customer Since 2011)
I was looking for a software package to assist me with my SMSF management. I came across Share Wealth Systems and realised that the system offered what I needed to management my retirement fund. I made a decision to purchase SPA3 not knowing whether the after sales would be good. Since I purchased the product, I can attest that the service has been excellent and coaching has been more than satisfactory. The team respond fast with accurate information - a highly professional team.
Tod Waring, NSW (Customer Since 2012)
I am a relatively new customer to Share Wealth Systems and have found dealings with the team to be professional, courteous, compassionate and extremely helpful.

I CONTINUE TO BE AMAZED AT HOW MUCH INFO IS ACTUALLY AVAILABLE for education on the products and the markets. There is that much info actually available, it is going to take a while to process and become well experienced in the products functionality.

The material available and relatively simple process makes the product easy to initially setup and operate. I have been investing in the share market now for approximately 5 years with little guidance and success. I had previously engaged the services of a Financial Adviser for which provided no where near the guidance on how market and financial success could be achieved.

Share Wealth Systems provides me with the tools and education material I need to achieve success in the markets. This is supported by their visible and proven results that have achieved during some of the most difficult times in the market.

I am also overwhelmed by the info that is provided to the customer on a regular basis so customers are kept up to date with developments of the products and through the forum other customers experiences. I am looking forward to increasing my experience using SPA3 and further involvement with the webinars and conferences.
Peter Howard, TAS (Customer Since 2009)
Hi Gary,

In Nov 2009 I decided to buy SPA3 to help me with my Self Managed Super Fund. After reviewing the education material and after lots of discussion with the Help Desk Support Team, I am now confident to trade.

The support from your team is first class. I have strayed from the plan a couple of times, and paid the price for doing so but by following the rules, I now relax and just let it happen.

Thanks to everyone at Share Wealth Systems.
Bucky Rowlands, NSW (Customer Since 2009)
As a septuagenarian, who until recently allowed my superfund to be managed by Fund managers, who achieved mediocre results & showed little interest in my super funds performance, I realised I needed to take personal control of my fund & go through the necessary learning curve.

I live out in the scrub, away from city centres & access to training & seminars. After researching my options on the net, I came across SWS & bingo! Here was a complete system that educates, works & achieves good consistent returns.

I have found the comprehensive education centre easily to understand, that even my geriatric brain can grasp!! In addition, the help desk support is outstanding & regardless of how simple or complex ones question is, they are answered promptly & clearly.

I endorse fully the SPA3 system to all who wish to take control of their financial well being, including the seniors in our community who may be a little apprehensive of taking this plunge.
Scott Matthews, NSW (Customer Since 2010)
What excites me most about Share Wealth Systems and the SPA3 trading system is the research and development that is constantly being undertaken to improve it. The latest round of research, white papers and updates simplify the system further and give clients an even better chance of consistently ourperforming the markets in a low risk manner. I have only been with the system for a little over two years and when reviewing the results of the latest research I couldn't help wondering where the system might be in another 5 years. Truly exciting.

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