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Trading and investing using a methodology or system that outperforms the market over the long term is a wonderful feeling and one that contributes greatly to the elimination of fear. Knowing that you have an edge over the market and that probability is on your side allows you to focus on the trading process rather than the outcome of individual trades. You know and understand that you will not always be right and that not all of your trades will be winners. You also know and accept that over time, the edge you have when combined with sound money management will deliver above average returns over the medium term. It’s liberating!

But, you have to believe the methodology and the results it generates are sound and repeatable. As a result, you overcome the doubts that grip traders and investors who engage the market without a plan, without an edge over the market, and without any rules for money management. These traders are riddled with doubt and fear while you go about the business of following the rules of the system, executing the signals that occur and allowing the edge provided by these rules to deliver the results you aspire to. Many of these actions are reflected in the following poem;

If you think you are beaten – you are
If you think to dare not – you won’t
If you would like to win but think you can’t
It almost a cinch you won’t
Life’s battles don’t always go to the
stronger or faster man
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the one who thinks he can!

A positive mental attitude is vital to the processes of trading and investing in the financial markets. Trusting a system that works and delivers a positive edge over the market goes a long way towards allowing you to trade with a positive mental attitude. Not only that, but it also allows us to live our life in general with a positive attitude as we are freed of the negative burdens of fear and doubt. It is also useful to read books that focus on the positive and even develop and use some positive affirmations that will help you to approach both trading and life in general in a positive and pro-active way.

In the end, winning over the long term is a state of mind, as is losing.


  • David Payne says:

    Awesome! Gary, I really like how you address the many attributes of Trading that are too-often not given enough credence.

  • Ralph says:

    As I travel through life I find many people who need a check up from the neck up to prevent stinkin thinkin because that leads to hardening of the attitudes the most deadly disease known to man !!!!!!

  • Kevin White says:

    Thanks Gary for the great advice. As a new user of SPA3 I apreciate the positive output which helps with the ongoing understanding and confidence building process. Great piece. Kevin White.

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