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Gary on SKY News YMYC – 24th November 2011

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As Europe’s sovereign debt crisis continues to grow so does Gary Stone’s ‘Mo’. Last night Gary and his ‘Mo’ joined co-guest Elio D’Amato from ‘Lincoln Indicators’ alongside host Mark McCarthy from ‘Intuition’ on Sky’s ‘Your Money Your Call’.

The trio discussed the number of retail investors sitting on the sidelines and when it was likely they’d re-enter the market.

Gary also had the opportunity to discuss the latest SPA3 research and how it will be rolled out to SPA3 users in the near future. Gary also spoke about portfolio risk and money management as well as how to define your own risk objective.

A caller was interested and asked Gary for his thoughts on the ASX 200 and if it was oversold.

Other callers were interested in the following stocks:

Bluescope Steel Limited (BSL)
BSA Limited (BS)
Western Areas (WSA)
Cochlear Limited (COH)
Northern Star Resources (NST)
Sundance Resources (SDL)
Queensland National Rail (QRN)
and ANZ (ANZ). A current open SWS medium term trade.

Gary also discussed both the short & long term price pattern of GOLD and its correlation with the USD and equity markets.

Gary’s next appearance on YMYC will be on Monday December 5 at 7pm followed by Thursday December 15 at 8pm.

Until then and as November draws to a close, if you would like to make a tax deductible donation towards ‘MOVEMBER’ to either Gary or his team you can do so by visiting: and clicking on the {Donate to Me} button on the left side.

Double click inside the box or click PLAY below to view the footage.

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