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Time the market to ensure you are out for the worst days

By June 9, 2015February 5th, 2024Active Investor Education, Uncategorized

Gary Stone was recently interviewed by Better System Trader on why it is important to time the market – not for the best days but to ensure you are out for the worst days.

You can listen to the podcast which includes:

  • The importance of preparation before investing or trading in the share market.
  • The misinformation or lack of information that is provided by mutual funds and managed funds.
  • Why timing is important to keep you out of the market on the worst days.
  • The technical indicators Gary uses to time the market.
  • The way in which investors can use ETF’s to outperform the vast majority of fund managers using timing techniques.
  • The importance of process and having a big picture perspective when investing and in all aspects of life.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Gary’s insights. Listen to the podcast here.

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