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Who needs a performance coach?

By July 2, 2019January 29th, 2024Active Investor Education

Who needs a performance coach?

Ash Barty’s recent success is a true reflection of the trust she has in her process and being able to execute on each and every point regardless of the score.

It’s no surprise that she has a performance coach who helps to keep her mind focussed on only those things that she can control. So, what do Ash’s recent achievements have to do with your own achievements as an investor?

The answer is actually quite a lot, as evidenced by a recent interview with her performance coach Ben Crowe, on the Neil Mitchell show on 3AW radio (available as a Podcast).

In the interview Ben made numerous references to Ash’s sense of perspective on her tennis journey and the underlying mindset that keeps her in “the zone”. I’ve included a compilation of his quotes as examples of the type of thinking that we as longer-term investors should all strive to embody. I’ve bracketed and highlighted text to indicate relevance to investing.

“Ash has a beautiful perspective on her performance mindset on the court (her environment of execution) that has just enabled her to get that sense of flow.”

“She has let go of all the distractions that can often sabotage athletic (investing) performance… like getting caught up in expectations, ego or identity or fear. … and replace expectation with appreciation and allow a beautiful perspective to enable humility but also courage to grow.”

“We are so hard on ourselves as a human race… we can get caught up in ‘perfection myth’ or feeling that we are not good enough or strong enough or fit enough. Ash has taken off that mask and just let herself be seen as real, raw, imperfect, vulnerable, and from that authenticity give herself permission to make mistakes and fall down but get up again and learn from that and not beat herself up.”

“And from that unconditional self-worth she shows up in the world and that’s why she has this beautiful perspective that she cares about others – it just comes from a genuine authentic humility and sense of humanity.”

“She embraces vulnerability as a strength and leans into the risk and the uncertainty of emotional exposure that comes from putting yourself out there and going after your goals. A lot of people see vulnerability as a weakness so they become more closed off and defensive. When you see vulnerability as a strength you become more open, more compassionate to yourself and to others and you become much more connected to yourself and to the world around you.”

“As a player (investor) she is Courageous, focused, clear, calm and confident.”

Neil Mitchell: What motivates her?

Getting the best out of herself and creating an environment for others to be successful… trying to become the best version of herself that she can possibly become. First as a person and then to go after her professional goals…”

“Playing tennis (investing) is what she does but it doesn’t define who she is. It’s important in that she is putting goals out there and going after those goals…”

Pressure, like expectations, doesn’t exist unless you let it exist, which means that you’re focusing your attention on things you can’t control.”

“Ash has done a beautiful job of letting go, and accepting of the things she can’t control and not getting caught up in those distractions and then focusing her attention back on the things she can control – her training, her mindset on the court.”

“She has been able to let go of that demon of expectations that can often cripple athletes (investors) in the moment of performance.”

Neil Mitchell: How does Ash prepare mentally before the game (execution in the market)?

“Before the game she celebrates the opportunities she is creating for herself, accepting of the distractions and then focusing back on task. But remembering to smell the roses along the way.”

“The work (preparation) is really quirky but it’s really around mindset, whether it’s around performance mindset or perspective mindset away from the tennis court (execution environment).”

“Making sense of the quirkiness, which is the sports industry (stock market) and not getting caught up in the persona of who she is and making sure that the authenticity of the person is front and centre. “

“There are so many distractions (noise) today in the world, there’s media, social media… expectations of others, and quickly and accidentally we can get distracted by some of these things that can take our focus of attention away…. stay focused.”

Neil Mitchell: Coping with failure?

“We discuss fear in particular and where it comes from and how to let it go in the same way we discuss ego and where that comes from and letting that go as well.”

“If you focus on expectation of others then get distracted – that’s what causes anxiety or stress or pressure, which by definition is focusing on something you can’t control but wanting to control it. So, once you realise it’s not real you can let it go, then there’s no expectation and no pressure other than the goals she puts on herself. And she can compartmentalise all the noise around her and then just get back to focus on task and process.

“Doesn’t mean those goals will be achieved because the world of tennis (investing) is changing so much, but if she puts those goals out there and goes after them she’s got more likely a chance of achieving them than not.”

Keeping focussed on her Goals.

“Ash has become very precious of surrounding herself with like-minded people with like-minded values…”

(You may have seen Ash in the Australian cricket team’s rooms after their victory over England in last week’s match)

Having and maintaining a sense of perspective in relation to your longer-term investing goals supports a healthy mindset. Being able to let go of the things that we can’t control and not being side tracked by market noise by focussing our attention on the things we can control – our execution and mindset, will go a long way to helping us achieve those long term investing goals.

Ash has a performance coach that helps to keep her focussed and on track. There are two Australian men’s tennis players that I know could easily take a leaf out of her book. Imagine how much better their results could be.

Likewise, imagine how much better your investing might be if you had a guiding hand along the way. Someone to provide you with process and teach you How and Why to stay focussed on the process with your very own blueprint, so that you could then also help coach your own “team” (family).

The Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club provides exactly that.

To find out more click here.


On the Journey…

PS. You can listen to Neil Mitchells 24th June 12 minute interview with Ash’s performance coach Ben Crowe, here.

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