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Superannuation Spin Doctors

By January 30, 2020November 7th, 2023Food for thought

Did you hear the one about the Superannuation Fund that failed their clients in 2019?

No….? I’m not surprised. 

That’s because the Superannuation Spin doctors have been at it again.

Watch this short 4-minute video to discover how peoples’ Nest Eggs in their super funds were short changed in 2019, while being misled they had a bumper year.

You see, everything is relative.

So, when we say short changed, we’re not talking a few hundred dollars. 

The relative shortfall could have been, on average, around $9,600 in just one year, compared to the key benchmark index, for each $100,000 in a Nest Egg.  Add to that $9,600 shortfall the fees you paid for the privilege of this short changing.

And compared to what others with a little knowledge and little effort achieved, the shortfall could have been around $40,200 per $100,000!

Take 4 minutes and find out if it happened to you and what you can do about it in the future.

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