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STW ETF outperforms all Super Funds during March 2015 Quarter

By June 19, 2015November 22nd, 2023Active Investor Education, Uncategorized

According to data published by the Australian Superannuation regulator APRA, ‘most’ Australian superfunds showed some fairly healthy returns for the March quarter of this year. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) began publishing quarterly performance data last year on the more than 1000 MySuper products available to Australian workers.

According to APRA, the best performing MySuper fund in Australia for the March quarter was MAXSuper with a return of 7.89%. Second on the list was a Goldman Sachs JB Were staff superannuation fund with a return of 7.37%.


The top 20 performing super funds all recorded returns of 6% or better for the March quarter, as equity markets rallied.

A pretty solid performance I hear you thinking. BUT, ah yes, there is always a “BUT”, the STW ETF, produced a return of 10.65% over the same period, WITHOUT dividends! Smashing the best performing super fund by 2.76%.

By simply buying the STW ETF, which tracks the ASX200, without the use of any timing or technical analysis tools, you could have outperformed the “best” professionally managed super fund in Australia over the same period.

Whilst we all know that making comparisons over such a small time window is neither here nor there over the long run, it does highlight the fact, yet again, that it is possible to manage your own money and do a much better job than the vast majority of fund managers. And, it can be done without hours and hours of fundamental data research or poring over technical charts. It can be done with ZERO stock picking.

However, at some stage, the market will correct. That’s when timing on the STW will be required via an exit signal to go to cash, to protect profits and prevent losses.

As I will continue to show you through this blog, research, and our SPA3ETF product, it is possible to generate returns well above the average returns achieved by the fund managers.

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