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Why The Right Trading Mindset Is Crucial For Long-Term Success

The importance of the right trading mindset

Many new traders tend to overlook the importance of having the right trading mindset when it comes to achieving long-term success.

They often get caught up in the pursuit of quick profits, only to realize after years of inconsistent results and missed opportunities that a reliable and tested system is crucial for sustainable success in the stock market.

However, even with a verified system that has consistently generated long-term profitability for those who faithfully followed its guidance, many traders still struggle to achieve consistent results.

Take our experience at Share Wealth Systems, for example. Over the last 25+ years, we’ve helped thousands of self-directed investors gain the knowledge and skills necessary to profitably invest with a mechanical system.

So, same investing system, same stock market, same method for gaining skills to invest.

But different people and, consequently, different results.

The difference between those who were successful and those who weren’t?

You guessed it: the willingness to learn and the desire to challenge (and ultimately suspend) their limiting beliefs… and replace them with new, functional perspectives.

It is this willingness to learn and openess to guidance that separates the most successful investors from the rest of the herd (the Turtle Traders are a perfect example of this). By aligning your mindset with a verified strategy, you can unlock your full potential and increase your chances of outperforming the market consistently.

The Journey To Creating The Right Trading Mindset

Few people (if any) are born with a trading mindset. Instead, you must actively work on building one.

As Mark Douglas said, there’s something inherent in the way our minds work that doesn’t fit well with the way the market works. Realizing this fact is the first step towards building a new, winning mindset.

The next step is figuring out how to change this default setting. Let me be blunt here:

Making this change isn’t easy. Far from it.

It takes serious time and effort, along with guidance and coaching from people ahead of you on the same road.

Coaching might not be a must. But it sure can short-cut your journey to the right trading mindset simply because it gives you clear directions for attaining one.

And if you don’t know exactly what kind of mindset you need to get “in sync” with the market…

You’ll remain stuck in “default” thinking mode and consistent profitability will continue to elude you. Not to mention the emotional toll that mode produces.

Now, I can’t walk you through the journey of building the right trading mindset in one article. What I can do is help you see why you need to build one, what it takes to do so, and how to kickstart your journey.

Why You Must Work On Your Trading Mindset Even If You Have A Verified Profitable Investing System

Sure, having a stress-tested system is a prerequisite for consistent market-beating returns. But if you don’t have complete confidence in its trade signals and don’t execute them without hesitation…

Long-term profitability won’t come.

If you have never traded with a mechanical system, you’re probably wondering why it’s so hard to execute its simple prompts.

Well, it actually isn’t. The manual action is as simple as putting on a buy or sell trade when your system signals one.

It’s the psychological aspect that makes executing a system one of the biggest challenges investors face. That’s because at the same time a prompt from a mechanical system comes up…

You’re also faced with your societal paradigm, biases, news, opinions, past experiences, and other noise. Each suggesting a different course of action.

The “trick” is finding the willpower to go through with your investing system’s signals despite all these. And this willpower comes from believing your mechanical system works best as is.

Building this belief is tough for most traders. That’s because they can’t fathom that investing is ultimately such a simple process…

So they keep looking for ways to complicate it.

That urge is why you’ll have to force yourself to follow your system’s signals at first. And stop noise, volatility, and the like to affect you in any way you can. This is where mentorship and being part of a community going through the same thing really helps.

I’m speaking from experience because I am a mentor with such a community. But I’m not trying to sell you on joining it today because while it’s, IMO, the simplest way to build the necessary belief in your mechanical system…

It’s not the only way.

Whatever route you choose, only once you successfully attain this belief do the steps of executing an investing system become as simple as clicking buy or sell when you get a signal.

Too many traders view this mindset talk as mumbo-jumbo. And believe more or better market analysis is the solution to their trading difficulties and lack of consistent results.

At one point, I thought the same. But, in fact, it’s your state of mind, attitudes, and beliefs that determine your results in the stock market. Because however good your research and system are, if you don’t act on them and learn how to think in tune with the market…

Results won’t come.

A system makes investing simple. And the right mindset to follow said system come what may makes it profitable and stress-free.

But what does the term “right mindset” actually mean?

Let me try to demystify that now.

What Hides Beneath The Term “Right Mindset”… And How Do You Go About Building One

In a nutshell, the “right” mindset entails thinking in probabilities, not in certainties. It assumes mastering consistency, a boring yet fundamental skill that separates the successful 5% of traders from the rest of the herd.

I’ll point you to an article that talks in-depth about consistency and how to build it later. But the gist is letting go of perfection. And not letting a few imperfect events (losses) stop you from executing your system.

Consistent investors embrace loss and focus on achieving a level of performance that doesn’t vary significantly over time. Then they reap the fruits of regular, planned, and methodical action.

Consistent investors understand their Statistical Edge has a probability of <1, not 1. Meaning negative outcomes will happen in clusters — but things will even out in the long run. And if their Edge is positive, long-term profitability will happen.

Consistent investors take full responsibility for their actions and accept the risk of each and every trade. They are completely at peace with the outcomes delivered by their Statistical Edge because they believe in it and the foundations it was built on.

Now, I could go on and on about the benefits consistent investors enjoy and how to become one. But the purpose of this article isn’t to help you build a market-beating mindset…

It’s to spur you to realize how crucial building one is for your long-term stock market profitability.

Think about everything I’ve written above. And in case you don’t see the psychology and belief aspect as pure mumbo jumbo anymore and are ready to challenge your current market beliefs…

Check out this article.

It will show you exactly what skills are necessary to build an investing process (system + mindset) that skyrockets the chances of making your investing simple, stress-free, and profitable.

And hopefully inspire you to start the process of attaining those skills ASAP.

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